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Product review: Labelle So Lush shadows

Labelle So Lush eyeshadow palette as the name signifies, is lush, luxurious and high pigment eye shadows for both day and night. This palette has 14 shades of both matte and shimmer eyes shadows. The texture is powdery, soft and extremely easy to apply. This is the first shimmer eyeshadow that I have used that didn’t fall on my face. The colors last the whole day and are so pretty, I took them for a spin.

I complemented the eyeshadow with Labelle Nude Liquid lipstick

I had so much fun wearing this eyeshadow that I took loads of pictures.

Labelle makeup products can be purchased online at

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Orange is my thang: MAC So Chaud lipstick review

So, orange is one of the colors that I adore because it uplifts my mood and brighten me up any time. So when I went shopping for MAC lipsticks, I bought So Chaud, which is a bright orange matte lipstick that feels creamy on application but remains matte all day. This lipstick is so long lasting that it can withstand food and drinks and still be stubborn to take off at bedtime.

It doesn’t leave your lips dry like most matte lipsticks but maintains a soft shine the entire day.

Orange matte lipstick
Loving this lipstick right now because with such strong lips, a nearly-bare face is just about right. This lipstick is worth having.

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MAC matte Stone Lipstick review

I recently purchased a set of MAC lipsticks recently and the matte Stone is my favorite for its taupe shade that is soft yet unmissable. I love dark lips and sometimes, dark lipsticks can appear too strong especially during the day so this MAC matte Stone is perfect – it’s a nude taupe that is like a softer, “mellow -down” dark lipstick that is so beautiful to wear. And I must say that it lasts all day long!

MAC matte Stone
Nigerian makeup with gele, Nigerian jewelry design
The lipstick on me; perfect with Nigerian traditional dressing & beautiful Jewelry by Ola

This lipstick might be matte but the texture isn’t like other matte lipsticks that are dry. Rather, this one feels soft and moisturizing to touch and when applied, it doesn’t feel dry at all. While I had the lipstick on, I ate, drank and put the lipstick to test all through the day. I was pleased to find that the lipstick was still on. And before bed, I had to use makeup remover to wipe it off as just mere water wouldn’t do the job.

My verdict? I will give this lipstick 4.5 out of 5. I love it so much. 

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Lipmania: Labelle liquid lipstick 

Hi guys,

I recently created a new section of my blog called Lipmania which is dedicated to lip makeup only. I love lipsticks a lot so I will be reviewing all things lips – lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners and all forms of lip makeup.

My first review is on U.K. Based Instagram sensation – Labelle UK. I have used their matte lipsticks in the past so I decided to try the liquid lipsticks in shades of Brownie & Nude.

The texture is creamy, moisturizing and with minimal shine. This is a long-wearing lipstick so you need not worry about taking drinks. It’s brush tip makes for easy application and it’s coverage is exceptional.

Check them out on Instagram at labelle_uk 

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Ready Set Gorgeous in Summer Heat

I came back to Lagos, Nigeria heat just a few days ago after months away vacationing. I went from enjoying a cool, winter-like fall weather to walking into real African heat. Thankfully, I had purchased my Cover girl Ready set gorgeous powder foundation before leaving Canada for Nigeria.

There are many reasons why I love powder foundations; and one of such is for its texture and formulation. Powder foundations are foundations that when applied to the skin – it could be presented as a liquid, cream or powder texture – it dries in the form of powder to present a much matte finish. Powder foundations are great because they combine both foundation and powders into one thus saving you time and money. Powder foundations like Cover girl ready set gorgeous powder foundation even makes is better when it offers an oil free matte look that keeps shine at bay, gives you light to medium weightless makeup coverage and lasts long for hours. What else can you want in a makeup product?

Knowing that I was returning to Africa’s summer heat which is all year round in Nigeria, I had also bought Cover girl ready set gorgeous concealer as well. And to create a simple gorgeous matte look, these two are all you need.

Cover girl ready set gorgeous concealer & powder foundation

So naturally, after cleansing your face and moisturizing, you apply primer and then the concealer underneath your eyes. You then apply the powder foundation all over your face. And then you can complete your look by applying eye makeup, blush and then lip makeup. It is quite simple and quick but you will get the beautiful look that you desire.

You can follow with a finishing powder to set the makeup and to mattify your face for even longer wear or you spray on finishing spray to make the look last longer. Either way, your gorgeous look will last even longer for several hours. 

Go try a powder foundation today and give me your verdict. Mine is 4 out of 5 because it was a struggle to find my matching shade which might pose a challenge to women of color. 


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Look fab with Maybelline foundation & powder duo

Hi guys,

I have sampled different foundation and powder brands but my favorite still remains Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation and now the Maybelline Fit Me pressed powder. I love these two because they are both soft, smooth, easy to apply and last for hours without frequent touch ups. 

I use both Cocoa and Caramel Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation because I have found that am right in between these two shades so I would usually blend the two together. I think every woman should have two shades of foundation because during the cold weathers (winter or harmattan common in Nigeria), our complexion tends to be brighter than during the summer seasons.  So it’s ok to have two shades of foundation. 

So this is how the Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation and Fit me pressed powder looked on me:

For this makeup, I also used:

Cover girl Ready set gorgeous concealer, Milani brow tint pen, Bella Pierre warming Bronzer, Mary Kay cinnamon stick blush and Rimmel London Rossetto lipstick. This makeup is perfect for an evening look. 

I absolutely love the weightless and long lasting makeup. 

So tell me, what is your favourite makeup product?


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My Milani dark lips adventure 

Hi guys,

I have been vacationing in Canada for some weeks now and I felt that my trip would be incomplete without trying out some Milani makeup products so I went to Superstore to buy some. I was immediately attracted to the lipsticks, especially the dark ones so I decided to give Milani dark lipsticks a go. The lipsticks are creamy, smooth, fill up the lips real quickly and last for hours.

So here are the pictures showing my Milani dark lips adventure ❤

I bought Milani Black cherry lipstick, matte Fearless and double espresso. 

This is Black cherry up close. It’s pure dark cherry and great for an evening look.

Here is Milani Matte Fearless lipstick up close. It starts out creamy and ends up matte. This is my favorite ❤💋

And lastly double espresso up close. It’s dark coffee lipstick and great for day to night.

The lipsticks were a great buy because I got value for my money. You should go try them!


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Cover girl foundation & powder review

Hi guys,

So after I tried Cover girl Ready set gorgeous BB cream and foundation powder, I decided to try Cover girl Ready set gorgeous oil free foundation and matte clean pressed powder. If you have oily skin,please do not buy makeup for all skin types no matter how tempting because they can never truly control your shine. Always buy makeup specifically made for your skin type except if you’ve got normal skin.

According to Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation, the makeup can last all day. So I gave it a go. I used Cover girl Ready set gorgeous concealer, ready set gorgeous oil free foundation and matte clean pressed powder. Here is how it looked:

My observation:

The Cover girl Ready set gorgeous oil free foundation is exactly like the concealer: the same size, same light weight and soft texture, same light to medium coverage but with ability to have a build able coverage. The matte clean pressed powder is soft and easy to apply. These are hassle free makeup products.

My verdict:

My skin did not feel like it had makeup on which is great for a natural girl like me. I got a lot of positive comments from strangers 😊.

Secondly, I had the makeup on for six hours before shine or oil started appearing on my face.

My score:

I will give this product 4 out of 5 because my heart is still with Maybelline dream matte mouse foundation which is smoother, softer and has better coverage.

Go give either a try!


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My Cover girl drugstore buy

I am a self-confessed foundation & powder monogamist. I have been using either Flori Roberts foundation/powder or Maybe line dream matte mousse foundation. For me, brand names mean nothing because am only interested in brands that consider women of color and how well their products suit my color, my skin texture and humid African temperature. 

I am also a natural girl so I want makeup that is lightweight for the natural look. So I went for Cover Girl Clean matte bb cream for oily skin (shade: 560 deep) and Cover Girl Ready, set, gorgeous oil free concealer in shade 315-320, oil free shine control powder foundation – same shade and Cover Girl Euphoria lipstick.

Here is how it turned out:

My review: The products are a perfect fit for my complexion, easy to apply, lightweight and smooth. It’s not heavy or clumpy. I didn’t even feel like I was wearing makeup. I love it.

Because the products are lightweight, it means it has a build able coverage meaning you could improve the coverage as you want.

I purposely opted out the foundation to see if the bb cream and the powder foundation could provide enough coverage for me which it did. I still intend to buy the foundation to see if it could give much deeper coverage needed for evening ocassions. 

I love the moisturizing glossy textured Euphoria lipstick though I was expecting a shade deeper. The lipstick looked deeper in the packaging.

Tell me if you’ve used any of these products before and if you liked them.


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Product review: Black Opal True flawless skin liquid foundation

Meet the new Black Opal True Flawless Skin liquid foundation –


Black opal true flawless skin liquid foundation

This product is:

Very smooth and creamy-liquid
It is oil free and fragrance-free
It is light weight
It is flawless
It is full coverage

Prior to testing this product, I had never used Black Opal foundation before because it didn’t look or feel glamorous enough – my opinion. But I was quiet excited when I saw that quiet a number of Black Opal products had been rebranded and new ones introduced into the market. Last year, I began selling Black Opal Ultra Matte Fix pressed powder, which is oil free, with a matte finish. I was quiet impressed with the feedback I received from customers. So today, I decided to test out a variety of Black Opal products.

I used:
Black Opal invisible oil blocking mattifier
Black Opal spots & scar eraser concealer
Black Opal True Flawless Skin liquid foundation
Black Opal Ultra Matte Fix pressed powder


True to its label, the foundation is soft, smooth and creamy. It is so easy to blend. It truly did help with shine control and quiet long lasting because even at bed time when I went to shower, the makeup remained on my face, with very minimal shine. I am excited about makeup for women of colour because they understand our skin better than most top brands. And the reasons are simple:

For we Black women, our skin is usually very oily, which is one area that makeup for women of colour are able to provide – the matte finish that our skin can hold for long, long hours.

Secondly, we tend to have uneven skin tone which is where makeup for women of colour come handy.

And lastly, our weather in Africa is hot, and as I have discovered with the many luxury makeup brands I have tried, not many of them are able to resist our weather. They feel glamorous and flawless in Western weather but are not able to withstand the African heat. Hence, the need for us as Black women to seek out makeup brands for women of colour. And the Black Opal True Flawless Skin liquid foundation turned out better than I had expected.


And my verdict? An impressive pass mark! You should give this product a try – I love the velvety, smooth feel on my skin.


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product review: Highlighting with 17 pearl bronzers

Pearl bronzers are powder bronzers in small, round balls of multiple shades. Pearl bronzers are great because they come in different shades that are ideal for highlighting, shading and contouring. I particularly love 17 pearl bronzers because they are powdery, and the shimmer in them are not too over-powering like some bronzers as such when applied, it does not look shinny but provides a flawless, natural finish. With this pearl bronzer, you do not need an extra powder for contouring as each cup comes in three shades for highlighting, shading and contouring.

Here’s my result:

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Product review: Zaron makeup

I recently sampled Zaron Makeup products and I love it! I usually would never sell a product without trying it out first because I do not like to give my clients the wrong information or recommend a product that would not work. To be honest, I was doubtful about the brand until I tried and now, I can recommend it to any one who loves good but affordable makeup.

Here’s the makeup result:

zaron lip pencils doubles as lip sticks
zaron eyeshadow & blush palette ‘Autumn Splendour’
Fantastic lip gloss – Pretty Pomegranate!

The lip gloss is ultra shine, creamy and long-lasting. I fell in love with it instantly! You should try it!

zaron pretty pomegranate lip gloss