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My Valentine lipstick adventure

Hi guys,

Happy Valentine’s day!

So, what was your valentine’s day experience like? For me, it is almost the same yearly as I usually spend the day all to myself and away from the madness of hectic roads caused by the heavily commercialized valentine’s day celebration.

So, this year, I gifted myself with Labelle Makeup new collection of liquid matte lipsticks which came as part of its Valentine Set. It came in a beautiful black box and accompanied by a bedazzled key-ring and a box of heart-shaped chocolates. I really loved and enjoyed this package. Inside were three liquid matte lipsticks:

The first lipstick I sampled was Russian girl which is a bright red sexy lipstick while Victorian Glam is a much darker shade that is daring and seductive. Mocha is soft and sultry. The lipstick is extremely light-weight, very easy to apply and lasts the entire day because it is waterproof. I like the fact that I was not bothered in between meals and drinks because the lipstick did not wipe off. In fact, I did not have to touch it up because it stayed on just as I had applied it earlier.

I actually tried washing the lipstick off with water and soap; it really was not easy to wipe off as it stayed on.




All three shades were the perfect valentine shades for me because I felt pretty and sexy in all of them.




My verdict: I give this lipstick 5 out of 5 because I could not find anything wrong with them. You can purchase yours at

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Product review: Labelle So Lush shadows

Labelle So Lush eyeshadow palette as the name signifies, is lush, luxurious and high pigment eye shadows for both day and night. This palette has 14 shades of both matte and shimmer eyes shadows. The texture is powdery, soft and extremely easy to apply. This is the first shimmer eyeshadow that I have used that didn’t fall on my face. The colors last the whole day and are so pretty, I took them for a spin.

I complemented the eyeshadow with Labelle Nude Liquid lipstick

I had so much fun wearing this eyeshadow that I took loads of pictures.

Labelle makeup products can be purchased online at

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Orange is my thang: MAC So Chaud lipstick review

So, orange is one of the colors that I adore because it uplifts my mood and brighten me up any time. So when I went shopping for MAC lipsticks, I bought So Chaud, which is a bright orange matte lipstick that feels creamy on application but remains matte all day. This lipstick is so long lasting that it can withstand food and drinks and still be stubborn to take off at bedtime.

It doesn’t leave your lips dry like most matte lipsticks but maintains a soft shine the entire day.

Orange matte lipstick
Loving this lipstick right now because with such strong lips, a nearly-bare face is just about right. This lipstick is worth having.

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MAC matte Stone Lipstick review

I recently purchased a set of MAC lipsticks recently and the matte Stone is my favorite for its taupe shade that is soft yet unmissable. I love dark lips and sometimes, dark lipsticks can appear too strong especially during the day so this MAC matte Stone is perfect – it’s a nude taupe that is like a softer, “mellow -down” dark lipstick that is so beautiful to wear. And I must say that it lasts all day long!

MAC matte Stone
Nigerian makeup with gele, Nigerian jewelry design
The lipstick on me; perfect with Nigerian traditional dressing & beautiful Jewelry by Ola

This lipstick might be matte but the texture isn’t like other matte lipsticks that are dry. Rather, this one feels soft and moisturizing to touch and when applied, it doesn’t feel dry at all. While I had the lipstick on, I ate, drank and put the lipstick to test all through the day. I was pleased to find that the lipstick was still on. And before bed, I had to use makeup remover to wipe it off as just mere water wouldn’t do the job.

My verdict? I will give this lipstick 4.5 out of 5. I love it so much. 

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Store drug makeup for women of color

For us women of color, we don’t just buy makeup products based on how good the commercials are but its suitability to our skin texture and skin tone. One of my frustrations with mainstream makeup brands is that they do not understand the black skin which is why many-a-times, they offer limited shades for dark skin while their product textures or formulation simply do not work on our skin. 

Black women turned to ethnic or makeup products for women of color because they best understood our skin. Fashion Fair was my first introduction to makeup and then I have used Black Opal, Iman and Flori Roberts. My favorite still remains Flori Roberts because of its formulation which makes one look effortlessly youthful. Ethnic or makeup for women of color fill our pores better for better coverage. Some mainstream brands, even the designer brands fail to understand that black skin has more density as such, it takes a lot of series of applications for the foundations or powders to fill our skin which is quite frustrating.

Over the years, I had also fallen for Mary Kay makeup products because of its ‘no-makeup’ finish that gives one the natural feel and look without feeling heavy on the skin. Mary Kay still remains my go-to makeup brand for the everyday look.

Recently though, I decided to go beyond my all time favorites listed above to try out two drug store brands – Cover Girl and Maybelline. Sincerely, if I hadn’t seen the Queen herself – Queen Latifah on Cover Girl, I probably would had never used the products because seeing the Queen gave me the assurance that Cover Girl had put my black skin into consideration. Queen Latifah gave me the confidence to go to a drug store and buy Cover Girl makeup products. I was glad to find that I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Cover girl ready set gorgeous, cover girl makeup

The second drug store makeup brand I almost cannot do without is Maybelline, thank God for its Dream Matte mousse. In all honesty, had Maybelline not developed this soufflé, next to flawless, light weight, buildable coverage dream matte mousse foundation, I would never had bothered to use Maybelline products. My only initial challenge was finding the perfect shade for my complexion but ever since I bought the caramel shade, I have been so happy 😊

Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation, Maybelline fit me powder
I guess for women of color, sometimes we need to step outside our comfort zone to find what works. And thank goodness that the makeup industry is changing to be more inclusive as one tend to find brands with much more diverse shades than ever before. 

So, go give a drug store brand a try! 

Tell me, is there any drug store makeup you love?

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No more drama

Purple eyes, day time makeup, simple makeup, nude lips, simple makeup, easy makeup
While it may take an hour or more to create a makeup look, it can be quite daunting for the vast majority of women who want to look beautiful and fabulous within a few minutes. This is where I come in. I do not think that you need to spend hours sculpting your face simply because you want to create silhouettes that are naturally not there. If you have a beautiful skin, then you need not spend hours layering makeup on your face.

This look that I created is simple, minimalist and done in a few minutes. 

To start with, you do not need to draw your eye brows too strong. Just make sure they are neatly groomed. Secondly, you don’t need blush all the time, especially if you are a black woman! 😀 and lastly, you do not need contouring. 

Quick & easy tips:

1. Always use a concealer. It keeps your face fresh and bright.

2. Use a powder foundation because it’s quick and gives medium to full coverage. It’s easy to apply, not messy and gives you foundation and powder combined. 

3. Use bronzer on your cheek bones to give your face a healthy shine. 

4. Apply a shimmer eyeshadow with high pigment because it stands out easily and lasts the whole day. You need not contour your eyes. I used Labelle eyeshadow palette. I lined my eyes with a felt tip liner, which is easy to apply. 

5. Skip the blush and brush on defining lip color that expresses your personality. I used a combo of Mary Kay beach bronze lip gloss and Labelle nude lip cream.

And voila! You are good to go! 

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Two ways to be Nude 

Nude makeup is in now, which is quite interesting given that we spent the last couple of years creating dramatic makeup looks from intense facial contouring to intensely dark and dramatic eyes and lips. This year, Nude is wearing a new look: either you are bare-face with bold lips that express your personality or mood, or your lips are bare with minimal makeup. Drama is so last season.

For my two Nude looks, I deliberately used my natural brows without excessive grooming and neither did I wear a blush. For the eye makeup, I wore absolutely nothing in the first while a simple purple eye shadow from my Labelle palette was just enough. I didn’t even contour my eyes. Minimalism is the new trend. 

Milani matte fearless, revlon plum lipstick
For this look, I blended two of my favorite shades of dark lipsticks- plum. I absolutely love all shades of plum because plum is quite agreeable when it comes to wearing dark lips and it works well with any skin tone. For the look above, I combined Milani matte fearless lipstick with Revlon Plum lipstick to create a matte-cum-moisturizing lipstick that is neither dry nor glossy.

Milani matte fearless lipstick, revlon plum lipstick
Labelle eyeshadow, Labelle nude lipstick, Mary kay beach bronze lip gloss
For this look, I used Labelle purple shadow from the eyeshadow palette, and for the lips, I used a combo of Labelle Nude lip cream and a dash of classic Mary Kay beach bronze lip gloss for added shine. 

Nude lip gloss, Mary kay beach bronze lip gloss, Labelle nude lip cream
Both looks were pretty easy to create without contouring or blush. And both are great for day time looks as well. 

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Staying true to myself: Why I quit the makeup biz

I got into the professional makeup business because I felt it was another way of expressing my creative side. I also enjoy using my hands to create things but over the years, my love for makeup dwindled. I think my early loss of interest began when more and more women became obsessed with contouring and creating makeup looks that made them look other than themselves. So the more requests, the gutted I became.

In my bid to maintain my identity which is purely naturalistic as well as keep my business, I started by ridding what I considered artificial out of my lifestyle like permed hair or weaves. I practically skinned my hair and started to grow my natural hair from scratch. I embraced organic living but yet, I felt as though I was betraying myself because in reality, am not obsessed with makeup. To make the task of balancing my personality with my makeup career even more challenging, my husband who fell in love with my natural beauty never liked the idea of women relying on contouring or makeup that altered their natural beauty. After years of struggle and with me developing my organic skincare brand – Ene Naturals, I quit my career as a professional makeup artist.

Looking back the years now, I am reminded of how I had always wanted to stay true to my natural self and living organically. For my wedding nine years ago, I wore cornrows on my hair against the wishes of my relatives; only my mum understood my desire to stay natural. She’d always tell me how uniquely different I was, which was true because I have always been averse to modern trends and society norms or society ‘madness’.

I wore cornrows at my wedding 9 yrs ago

Looking back to my blogging history, I had always written more about quick and easy makeup and makeup that accentuates one’s natural beauty.

These two makeup look still some of my favorites 

 I do love makeup; I particularly adore lipsticks but I don’t want a makeup look that makes me look other than myself – I am not ashamed of my natural beauty. So, I like Alicia Keys, is embracing my natural beauty.

So from this moment on, I remain a beauty and makeup blogger of a different kind – the organic, naturalistic beauty and makeup blogger.

I think it’s important one stays true to oneself. 

Love yourself; be good to yourself. 

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Giddy for 2017 makeup trend

Am excited about 2017! 

Makeup industry watchers and trend setters are already giving us a head start on what to expect in 2017 and some of them are:

~ Pink is in! Oh yes! So calling all pink lovers – start collecting every shade of pink makeup imaginable.

~ Gloss is back! So say goodbye to matte lipsticks that dominated 2016 and say welcome back to gloss and high shine. 

~ Simple, natural and healthy makeup look is in so it’s time to tone down the contouring and excessive makeup.

– Color pairing is back so you can pair your lip color with your blush and eye makeup without looking too blended. 

~ Good news, liquid liners are still in.

There are many more new makeup trends for 2017 so please do share. Here is my take on them:

I kept this look simple, using pink as my signature color for the eyes and lips. If you normally can’t do without contouring, you can still achieve the same face slimming effect by focusing more on highlighting than the shading. Good highlighting makes for a perfect contour so get creative.

For this makeup, I used:

Cover girl concealer

Maybelline dream matte foundation

BellaPierre warming bronzer instead of loose powder

BellaPierre highlighter and illuminizer 

Sleek liquid felt tip liner and mascara

Flori Roberts blush

Cover girl lipstick

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Perfect brow duo

I have used several tools and products in grooming my brows over the years. I started out by using brow pencils and moved on to brow powder which I applied using brow brushes; I have used retractable brow liners and more. I recently started using Milani felt tip tint pen in shade of dark brown and Cover girl brow & liner powder. 

Milani brow tint pen & Cover girl brow powder

I love the Milani brow tint pen for its slim but steady felt tip which lines brows perfectly well and give brow shapes precision. The texture of the liner itself is light, gel-like which is easy to apply and easy to wipe off as well. Unfortunately it doesn’t fill the brows that well, which is why I had to supplement it with Cover girl brow & liner powder. 

Just as the name implies, Cover girl brow & liner powder is a powder in a small tube and with long full but small brush that is ideal for filling brows. I found the perfect shade of dark brown in this product, which is a perfect match to my skin tone than the Milani brow tint pen. While the Cover girl brow & liner powder fills the brows perfectly well, its fat brush makes it not ideal for lining brows as it can be messy with the powder puffing off with every stroke. 

But I love the duo so much that I pair them together for the perfect brows.

My verdict for both products is 4 out of 5 and I got value for my money. 

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Ready Set Gorgeous in Summer Heat

I came back to Lagos, Nigeria heat just a few days ago after months away vacationing. I went from enjoying a cool, winter-like fall weather to walking into real African heat. Thankfully, I had purchased my Cover girl Ready set gorgeous powder foundation before leaving Canada for Nigeria.

There are many reasons why I love powder foundations; and one of such is for its texture and formulation. Powder foundations are foundations that when applied to the skin – it could be presented as a liquid, cream or powder texture – it dries in the form of powder to present a much matte finish. Powder foundations are great because they combine both foundation and powders into one thus saving you time and money. Powder foundations like Cover girl ready set gorgeous powder foundation even makes is better when it offers an oil free matte look that keeps shine at bay, gives you light to medium weightless makeup coverage and lasts long for hours. What else can you want in a makeup product?

Knowing that I was returning to Africa’s summer heat which is all year round in Nigeria, I had also bought Cover girl ready set gorgeous concealer as well. And to create a simple gorgeous matte look, these two are all you need.

Cover girl ready set gorgeous concealer & powder foundation

So naturally, after cleansing your face and moisturizing, you apply primer and then the concealer underneath your eyes. You then apply the powder foundation all over your face. And then you can complete your look by applying eye makeup, blush and then lip makeup. It is quite simple and quick but you will get the beautiful look that you desire.

You can follow with a finishing powder to set the makeup and to mattify your face for even longer wear or you spray on finishing spray to make the look last longer. Either way, your gorgeous look will last even longer for several hours. 

Go try a powder foundation today and give me your verdict. Mine is 4 out of 5 because it was a struggle to find my matching shade which might pose a challenge to women of color. 


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Dark lips on a bare canvas

Hi guys, am loving fall makeup – some glitter and shine here; bare makeup there and bold lips. I love the combination of dark lips on a bare face because the clean face allows the lips to speak and you could conveniently carry this look for both day or night. When I create a bare face look, I totally skip contouring because I want the face to be clean, fresh and as natural looking as possible, which is why I rely on my highlighting tools to profile the face. 

Here’s my look:

To create this look, I used Maybelline concealer under my eyes and Maybelline Dream matte mousse foundation on my face. For under my eyes and the rest of the Tzone, I used Bella Pierre powder foundation to highlight for a slimmer profile. I applied Flori Roberts powder on the rest of my face. 

Naturally, the foundation to a good contour is having a good highlight so all you need to do is apply the highlighter from your contour kit on the Tzone. I Followed mine with a warming bronzer on my cheek bones. Then I applied Mary Kay blush – all free of contouring. Do not forget your mascara!

For the lips, I blended two Milani dark lipsticks – black cherry and dark espresso.

I totally love this fall makeup look. What is your favorite fall look?