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Burnt out? How to overcome it

I haven’t published a post in a long time because I was completely burnt out, fatigued and unable to do just about anything. Being a full time mum slash business woman who runs her businesses from home, I experienced complete and total short down and was unable to run my business or my household. It felt as though my brain had fried! I couldn’t use my brain and neither could I use my muscles. My head ached from a migraine that had taken up space in my brain and swallowed the creativity and fire that my brain possessed. I was so weak that I collapsed. As I lay in bed for days – finally getting the sleep that I deserved – I visualized all the business activities that I was meant to be engaged in and all the household chores and responsibilities that needed to be taken care of – but alas – it was mere visuals because I couldn’t even lift my arm to support myself.

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I knew that I had over exerted myself. And this is true of so many people who over-work themselves and even having to bend backwards to please other people. You must know when to hit the PAUSE button before you collapse.

Based on my experience, here are a few TIPS TO OVERCOMING BURN-OUT

1. Take time to rest. Rest is very important because when our body is relaxed, positive juices flow out of us so we are healthy mentally and physically. This is why sleep is very important. Remember that the body rejuvenates itself while we are asleep so giving ourselves the much needed sleep goes a long way to help us physically and mentally. I now make conscious efforts to go to bed just as soon as my kids go to bed at 8pm. That way, I wake up refreshed and strong in the morning.

2. Learn to say “NO” or Delegate: We all know our breaking point but we disregard that all the time by trying to please other people or doing too much. Ask yourself: Are there better ways of doing this job or chore? Is there any way I could make my life simpler? Is there anyone I could share my tasks with? Is it worth sacrificing my mental and physical state for others? Realize you can’t do it all and draw a limit. 

3. Check your lifestyle: Poor nutrition, lack of exercise and even lack of social engagements can affect you. Good nutrition, exercise and socializing improve our moods and general well being. So if you’ve been all work and no play, then it is time to change all of that. I decided to make Wednesdays a “ME” day which means Wednesdays are all about me – I will spend it going to the cinema, eating at a restaurant, reading a book or watching TV – it’s my mid-week downtime to keep me refreshed, energized and positive.

4. Go on a social media detox: information overload, unregulated chats all add up to take away valuable time. Sometimes you find that just by “peeping” into Facebook alone, you get drawn into the posts and updates that your five minutes “peep” turns into an hour long poking, likes and emojis. Do not start your day on social media – rather, make use of your most productive hours of the day – which is the mornings to noon and capitalize on that by doing what is important. Let social media come at your downtown towards evening. Sometimes you need to unplug to focus on what is important.

Which brings me to my next tip – Get Organizing: Make sure you plan your day with agenda the night ahead. You can plan your entire week in a planner to keep you organized and focused. The key is to remain focused so whatever it is that causes distraction, get rid of it.

Last words: take things easy. 


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No loss in failure

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Failure is not always negative; it gives one an opportunity to learn from mistakes, to be stronger and even wiser in decision making in our lives and business. Today Monday gives one an opportunity to learn from previous week’s mistakes or failures and grow from them.

Have a great week!



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Overcoming the desire to quit in business

Sometimes I am tempted to quit especially when challenges seem insurmountable. But I do not quit because I must not quit.

Success in business or life is a road laced with failures and setbacks. Sometimes when things are moving at a slow pace for me business wise, I ask myself what I could be doing – no matter how little that could make a difference even though minute it might be. It might be that the business environment needs re-arranging to make doing business more efficient; it may mean me creating a marketing message for my business; it might even mean making those “not so important ” business calls. Little by little, I come out of my gloom and I am motivated much more. Sometimes, I research online about things related to my business to make mine better.

So whatever you are engaged in, never quit because you must not quit.



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Monday is a fresh start

Found this on the web on and had to share to my Monday motivations. Monday sure is a fresh start. So rather than hating Monday, embrace it because it’s an opportunity to start a new journey of success.


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Never give up on your dreams

Welcome to My Musings for Friday inspired by Aretha Franklin & Michael McDonald song – “Ever changing times”

Aretha Franklin and Michael McDonald ever changing times
This song always speaks to me and it did just a few minutes ago while listening to it on the radio. I love it so much that I had to go watch the live Grammy performance on YouTube.

I guess like many of us, you have your dreams but are unable to attain such dreams and wondering if you would ever be able to live such dreams. I have been there – confused, frustrated and sometimes depressed. But I made up my mind to take little steps closer to my dreams each day by setting up action plans and short victories. Sometimes, we must overcome our excuses and the mentality that is holding us back to take a few steps closer to actualizing our dreams.

So stop procrastinating, get researching, start reaching out to those that can help and more importantly, stop thinking that you can’t do it and then, spread out your wings and fly!


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To leave… or to stay…?

Just my musing…

Dwelling on a sad, little child…

Women remain in marriages or relationships for different reasons and one of them being because of their children. They trade their happiness and freedom for ‘stability’ that does not exist. So they unwittingly expose their kids to the dysfunction, the abuse and the psychological degradation that leaves their children scarred for life.

Ask yourself this: have you done worse to your children for staying back? Don’t you think those innocent kids would have stood the chance of a healthy upbringing if you had left?

Broken marriages… broken relationships… doesn’t mean you are broken.

Women, stop breaking your kids.

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DIY Wood wax polish

I used wood polish sprays in the past but ever since I began making things on my own and living organically, I no longer head out to the store to buy things without asking myself, “can I make it?” If yes, then I would definitely make it. At the moment, besides owning my organic skincare line, I make my own detergents, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner and fragrance. So the decision to make my own wood polish with wax came pretty easy. So I asked myself – what does a wax polish need? Lubricant and wax of course! So that was how I started my own wood polish wax that can also be used as a neutral shoe polish. 

You only need three ingredients to make your own DIY wood wax polish/shoe polish:

1. Bleached palm oil 

2. Beeswax

3. Essential oil for Fragrance (optional)

Here are the very simple steps to making your own wood wax polish/shoe polish at home:

1. Bleach the palm oil. Palm oil is bright red and stains so by bleaching it, you are sort of “de-dying” (😀) it. Palm oil is heavy and greasy thus perfect lubricant.

Bleached palm oil

To bleach palm oil, heat it in a sauce pan over medium heat until it turns golden color and resembles peanut oil. You will notice the palm oil changes from a dense texture to a lighter one.

2. Add beeswax to the bleached palm oil and allow to melt and dissolve completely .

Beeswax in bleached palm oil

Once the beeswax is completely dissolved, take the mix off heat and allow to cool. You will find the oil and wax combo harden as it cools.

3. Once completely cool to room temperature, whisk with a mixer and add a few drops of organic fragrance and mix until creamy like a body butter.

Wood wax polish

You can store in a cool dry place to use when needed to polish wood furniture or shoes. As seen in the picture, the wood furniture is polished and remains dust free for days. The natural lubricant keeps furniture durable and long lasting and prevents cracks caused by water residue or harsh weather.

To use, apply the polish on a dry cloth before polishing.

Last word:

Water is bad for wood furniture as it causes wood to swell and crack. It causes it to build mould too. So waxing is best.

Do share some of your DIY tips with us! Happy to hear from you.


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Thank you 2016, hello 2017

2016 has been an impressive year for me, though like all things in life, has had its good times and the bad times. But naturally, I do not dwell on the negatives but the victories.

2016 started on a testy note for me because I became pregnant unexpectedly, even after which I had decided not to have kids any more. It was tough accepting the pregnancy but I am glad I did because my son has been such a blessing. He has brought my family so much joy. Even though he’s my third child, his birth brought me new experiences, new exposure and new opportunities. So what started out as testy became my victory.

I love the direction my business took this year. All the confusions were gone and I was much clearer and driven. Am looking to 2017 with even bigger enthusiasm.

2016 brought new experiences for me and I guess it would be incomplete without my mantra for the year – lyrics from William Murphy’s gospel track “Already getting better”. Whenever I was down, the line “God’s already moving on my behalf…” lifted me up and got me going.

In 2016, I got to visit Canada for the very first time. I had a great time in Calgary and my best memory was the genuinely kind and warm Canadian spirit I encountered in every Canadian I met. It was an awesome experience.

In 2016, I embraced complete organic living, ditching processed foods and embracing nature completely. From the food we eat to how we live our lives, we consider the earth first, including  keeping our environment green.

This year, I taught my kids to embrace even more cultures and so we embraced Bollywood! You can’t begin to imagine how much they have learnt about Indian culture. Every time we watched Bollywood, it aroused my kids’ curiosity so we spent more time online researching.

I don’t know how 2016 has been for you but I can only encourage you to count your victories and blessings rather than dwell on your losses, because I did experience those losses but I am choosing to draw strength from them. I wish you all the best in 2017!

Happy new year guys!

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Finding joy in sadness

”Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” -Anne Frank

I have found these words comforting in this sad time as the world mourns with Orlando and the American people at the news of the deadliest mass shooting in its history because sad moments like this make me tremble and worry why there is so much hate in the world.
I still believe in the power of love to heal the world; I still believe that there is still beauty in the world in the midst of such pain and loss.
May God heal the hearts of families and loved ones left behind to cherish the memories of the souls lost amen.

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Bye-bye DKNY

A few days ago, after rocking this black DKNY tote bag for three good years, I passed it on to someone else to enjoy. I think there’s something good about getting real value for money 😊. If you have spent a good decent amount of money for a bag/purse, which you’ve used over time without complaint or fault, it certainly is good value for money.

I know quite a number of people who hold the view that it is foolish to spend good money on quality items, especially if those items belonged to high end brands. They argue that high end brands are just a waste of money, saying that what we pay for is the brand name and not the quality. But I beg to differ. I was raised by parents who believed in quality and I have seen from using high quality products like kitchen/house hold appliances to fashion wears, that quality lasts over time and that great quality cost money. I love the fact that somebody else is going to benefit from using an already three-year old DKNY bag which has no fault at all even after such a long time.

So brings my question: how much would you pay for quality? Do you think high end brands are over priced? Is there any item you’ve used over time and wasn’t ashamed to pass it on to another person?


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Weekend away at destination wedding: IITA Ibadan

When we received invitation to a friend’s destination wedding to take place at IITA in Ibadan, Oyo state of Nigeria, I wondered why anyone would marry at a research institute. IITA is the international institute of tropical agriculture, with research institute in one of Africa’s oldest and largest cities, Ibadan.

Ibadan is merely an hour and thirty minutes car drive from Lagos where I live but I have never been there. But as we drove through this dusty, rusty city, I came to see how much history the city held.

The IITA research institute is situated at the outskirts of town and as we drove into the incredibly green and expanse premise, it felt nothing but nature. We were so close to nature with its incredibly green landscape of thick forest reserve, towering palm trees and several other tropical trees, lush green lawns and enlightening green houses. The place was a haven of serenity, tranquility and peace. This research institute offered hotel accommodations with recreational facilities, culture-bias restaurant for fine wining and dining. The bar also offered fine refreshments, wining and good music. I was pleased that my friends were able to conduct traditional marriage rites, the church service and reception all on the premise! This is your perfect nigerian destination wedding.


 Recreational activities include bicycle riding on the institutes well mapped roads, swimming, sports activities; the kids even have a playground to keep them busy. This is a vacation destination for the whole family.

I especially loved wining and dining at the restaurant and open bar. The meals are cheap and remarkably fresh as all foods are grown on the premises! The meals were the best part of my stay.

  Do not expect five star accommodation though as the lodging accommodation the institute provides were dormitories which had been converted into hotel rooms. Notwithstanding, this did not take away the richness of the place but further complemented the academic environment appeal. 

If you live in Nigeria or ever visit Nigeria, visit IITA and you will love its commitment to nature. Even the gifts I bought from the corporate store was evident of this as the institutes sponsors the local women group in arts and crafts. 

These bangles and pen case were made out of water hyacinth plants. I love nature so if you do, here’s a vacation destination you can add to your list.