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How to make Nappy Rash Gel

Watch full video on YouTube handle: Ene Naturals – Nappy rash gel video

Nappy rash is very common in babies and little kids. It is usually caused by dampness or moisture on a child’s skin caused by wet diapers which when in contact with the skin, can cause irritation which is the nappy rash. This is why it is recommended that diapers are changed regularly and not left to be too dense before being changed.

From experience, allergy can also cause rash. For example, both my sons were sensitive to perfumed products like perfumed wipes, diapers or even perfumed powders or soaps and lotions. This is why I switched to natural products for my kids. Using fragrance – free products will limit nappy rash and common rash in babies and kids.

Rash can also be caused by drug reactions so do read drug interactions and side effects before giving such drugs to your kids especially antibiotic. Since rash can be harmless but irritant, you might have to wait till the dosage is exhausted before considering treatment.

While many topical products are out there in beauty stores, I have always relied on fresh aloe Vera gels and even vitamin C tablet to treat rash. This time around, I made a rash gel without the aloe Vera plant for people who do not have access to the plants.

The recipe for this DIY nappy rash cream is:

The aloe Vera gel on its own is perfect but since I am using the packaged one, I added glycerin because it helps to sooth the skin and with the aloe Vera gel, it becomes a double dose of coolant as well as moisturizes the skin and help to soften the skin. Natural aloe Vera has vitamin C and in its absence, I added vitamin C tablet which helps to clear the skin as well. Lavender oil is soothing and calming as well and helps to make the skin condition less irritable. It also has a soft, pleasant fragrance which makes this gel even more appealing.

To make the nappy rash gel is a rather simple process.

And viola, this is what you get:

Give this a try and tell me what you think.



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Dark spots and sunburn treatment with oils: Spotlight on Ene Naturals dark spots removal oil

Contrary to belief, harsh skin bleaching products in tubes or other forms do not necessarily clear dark spots like age spots, sunburn or dark spots caused by injury or scars; or even dark spots caused by skin that has been burnt by bleaching products. What these whitening or lightening or bleaching products do is to amplify the damaged areas because while they lighten the rest of the skin that is not covered by dark spots, they are unable to clear the spots but make them even more pronounced.

But why is this happening? This happens because most of these whitening or bleaching agents actually do not go deep within our skin and under our skin to heal the skin from inside out. It is a fact that for long lasting results and for healing to occur, the skin must be healed from the inside out.

This is where oils are different. And how you ask? Because oils are rich in so much nutrients, vitamins and minerals, they are rich in anti-oxidants and Collagen, which helps cell regeneration. Meaning, the oils help the skin to create new cells by getting rid of the old one so that new ones can appear. During the cell regeneration process, you will find the dark, dry outer layers of the dark spots peeling away to reveal newer ones which are brighter and same color as our natural skin. This is why natural oils are superior to skin whitening or bleaching products when it comes to clearing sunburn or dark spots.

I recently developed a blend of natural, healing oils that treat dark spots, sunburns and damaged skin. In this blend amongst a wide collection of oils, you will find carrot seed oil, frankincense oil, rose oil, Jasmine oil, orange oil, lemon oil, coconut oil, castor oil and more. These natural oils not only clear the skin but will give one a brighter, natural complexion.

Nature takes its time, I must say because this is not a quick fix but when we allow the oils to complete its cycle of healing which is cell regeneration, you will be happy you waited.

The Ene Naturals Dark Spots removal oil is now available at our store on this site. Give nature a chance and you will never regret it.


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Home remedy for pimples

Don't pop that zit because it can be dangerous. Zits wrongly popped lead to blackheads so rather than popping zits, here are a few tips to treating pimples.

1. Pimples are a sign of stress so rather than popping the zit, give your body a well deserved rest.

2. Pimples are a sign of poor nutrition so eat leafy, green vegetables and fruits like oranges that are rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants that get rid of free radicals like pimples.

3. Pimples can also be caused by poor hygiene so rather than share your makeup tools with other people, wash your beauty tools like sponges and brushes regularly. If possible, use only disposables.

4. Pimples are also caused by hormonal imbalances which is why zits are expected during a woman's monthly period.

So rather than popping that zit, get an orange from your kitchen like I do.

This easy homemade facial
Cleanser recipe for treating pimples is easy and effective. Simply get an orange, squeeze out some juice into a bowl – you don't need more than 1 tablespoonful of orange juice. Soak it in a cotton pad or cotton wool and gently apply on the pimples or the area of skin where pimples are dominant. Allow the orange juice to dry on the pimples for a few minutes and rinse off. Orange is anti-oxidant rich that helps fight pimples and acne as well as brighten the skin. The juice will also help to dry out the pus substance in the zit.

Do try to be patient with the treatment of pimples and refrain from touching them to avoid infecting your skin some more with your non-sanitized fingers.

Tell me, do you have other home remedies for treating pimples that you would like to share?


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The joy of processing organic turmeric

Shredded raw turmeric, processing fresh turmeric
From raw turmeric to shredded bits

I have a penchant for wanting to control the sourcing of all natural ingredients used in my natural skincare products. As a natural skincare brand, being sincere through and through in the quality of ingredients I use is very important to me and the reason why my brand is consistently rising at a healthy pace.

In the regard, I went to a turmeric farm to source fresh turmeric myself. I went through the rigors of sorting, cleaning, washing, shredding, drying, milling and packaging just because I wanted to give my clients the best natural products or ingredients that they deserve. The process of making turmeric powder is rigorous but I am happy with the final result.

Turmeric powder
Organically sourced turmeric

Turmeric powder is great for the skin, hair and general health. I use turmeric with warm water and honey to treat cough as well as use it in cooking. Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties so it helps reduce scarring, wrinkles, acne, rash and other skin issues. It can be used as an exfoliator (scrub), cleanser and mask.

You can purchase this product online from the organic store on this website.

Delivery available within Nigeria and world wide.

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Homemade baby cereals:Why & How to

I have three kids, the youngest is six months old. I have utilized the same weaning method for all my kids and I have seen the amazing results in how well my kids benefited from homemade baby foods that are free of preservatives, free of added sugars or additives and one hundred percent natural. I discovered when my first child was born that she stooled often when fed processed commercial baby foods and sometimes, her bum turned red. I realized that the added sugar in commercial baby foods or cereals were just too much for the baby.

Now that I am weaning again, I am back to making all kinds of cereal foods for my baby. I make use of whole grains like wheat, guinea corn (sorghum), millet, maize, brown rice, basmati rice, oats and lots more. Like any Nigerian mother, I have relied on whole grains because they are abundant and cheap in Africa but I am also conscious of the fact that grains and cereal-like foods are deficient in fat, oil and protein which a baby needs. In Nigeria, mothers have had to rely on pap (locally called akamu or ogi) which is basically cereal porridge and milk thinking this was adequate nutrition. But sadly, Ogi or akamu with milk isn’t nutritious enough. Hence, accompaniments like crayfish (animal polypeptide), sardines, mackerel, egg yoke, peanut, palm oil, butter, even fruits like apple & banana and vegetables have become necessary. 

So here is my guide to making your own baby cereal at home:



Basmati rice, peanut, crayfish, fresh apple juice & infant milk.

Why these ingredients for making homemade baby food?

Well, Basmati rice is a nutritious, energy giving food due to its high carbohydrates content. Your baby benefits more from its dietary fiber if you use brown basmati rice. White basmati rice contains higher folate (known as folic acid) but either is high in minerals and vitamins.

Peanut is also very nutritious as it contains calories, dietary fiber, fat, omega 3 & 6, protein, vitamin E, B vitamins, calcium and much more minerals especially selenium, potassium and phosphorus.

Crayfish (animal polypeptide) is a rich source of vitamin A & D, calcium, potassium copper, zinc and iodine. Crayfish is easily absorbed and because they grow in clean lake waters, they are usually clean from pollution thus are pollution-free and very healthy for consumption.

These are the reasons I include crayfish & peanut in all my baby cereals. Fresh apple juice is a part of the ingredients for homemade baby cereals because it contains vitamin C and other nutrients and helps digestion without causing a baby to stool. 


1. Boil basmati or brown rice until very soft. Please do not give your baby regular white rice as they have been stripped of all fibers. Brown rice is also gluten free which is great for babies with this allergy.

Basmati rice, basmati rice baby food
2. Pour cooked basmati rice into blender.

3. Add 1 tablespoon crayfish, 1 tablespoon homemade peanut butter & 3 tablespoons of fresh apple juice & some hot water.

4. Blend all the ingredients to a cream

4. Store in a hot vacuum flask and use when desired.

5. Remember to add milk before serving

I take this food with me in the vacuum flask wherever I go and it doesn’t spoil because I do it add milk until my baby is about to feed as milk make food go rancid pretty fast. In fact, you should discard left over food if it is not consumed within an hour.

I have more posts on natural baby food recipes coming up so stay tuned for cost-effective, highly nutritious homemade baby cereals.



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Benefits of lemongrass 

Lemongrass grows in large quantities in Nigeria where we steep it as herbal infusions for medicinal purposes. I started drinking lemongrass tea or herbal infusion since I was a child. What I love the most about lemongrass is the aroma it exudes – it stirs up the senses while calming you at the same time. When I boil it at home, the aroma fills the entire house with its lemony-minty fragrance which creates positive vibes and lifts the mood.


There many uses of lemongrass which is its medicinal purposes as herbal infusion. We drink it in Nigeria for good health and for curing cold while the oil is used for therapeutic purposes to treat rheumatic pain, headache and other kinds of pains. Steeped lemongrass tea is fantastic for a healthy digestive tract as such it aids digestion and helps bowel movement to ease constipation. If you feel constipated, lemongrass tea is very useful in giving you relief. If you seek to empty your bowel, then drink a cup of lemongrass herbal tea before bed time and first thing in the morning and your bowel will empty out, making you feel lighter and free.

Lemongrass herbal infusion
Lemongrass tea

To preserve lemongrass or to make your own dry powdered lemongrass herbal tea at home is pretty easy. After washing, spread it out in a strainer to dry and place it where you get sun exposure and allow the sunlight to dry it naturally. It takes a couple of days to dry lemongrass completely and you can mill it into powder which you can store in a mason jar. You can also make lemongrass herbal infusion by boiling the fresh grass in a sauce pan into which you have poured water. Bring it to boil. Once the color changes to a dark green color, you can pour into a cup and drink either hot or cold.

Herbal teas are healthier than regular tea and put you in a healthy mental state, which lemongrass tea does. If you’ve been disregarding this herb, do give it a try.


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Don’t throw beans skin away

There are certain parts of raw foods that we throw away because we deem them unappealing unfortunately outer layers of foods like skins (or peels), rinds, stems and certain parts of leaves are edible and even contain more useful nutrients than the rest of the food that we eat.

Consider beans (cowpea) in Nigeria, we make bean cakes (called akara) and beans pudding (called moin-moin) by dehulling the soft, film membrane or coating that surrounds the pud by soaking the beans in water and rubbing them together. Once the skin is removed, what you have left is pale white beans that is then ground to paste and fried as in the case of akara or boiled as in moin-moin.

Unfortunately, by dehulling, we are depriving the beans of its goodies because the skin of beans contain anti-oxidants that fight diseases; they also contain some B complex and good dietary fiber that helps to cleanse the colon. The skin of beans also aids digestion as it fights constipation.

In Nigeria, folks argue that making bean cake or bean pudding with the skin on does not look attractive but after much experimenting, I found the solution.


1. Only use Honey beans also known as Oloyin because the skin of honey beans is pale brown and very thin, this is why it is the hardest bean skin to peel but it is the sweetest kind of beans ever. After washing the beans, soak it in water over night in your refrigerator and by morning, it will be soft enough to blend in your blender.

Honey beans, oloyin
Soaked honey beans

You can see that the now soft honey beans doesn’t look too brown like other kinds of brown beans. By soaking over night, it makes it easy to grind at home.

Beans paste, beans paste with skin
Beans paste for akara & moin-moin

As you can see, the beans paste does not look coarse or dark even though the beans was ground with the skin or peel on.

Akara, bean cake
Finished product: akara (bean cake)

The finished product is fine looking, great tasting nutritious bean cake (akara ). By cooking akara with the skin, one is not just benefiting from the protein-rich beans alone but also the fiber- rich skin as well.

Please, do not discard skins, peels, rinds or stems of fruits and vegetables. They are all full of nutritional goodness.


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Super food smoothie 

I made a post earlier about super vegetable smoothie 👉🏽 here where I wrote about the health benefits of watercress, spinach and mint which I used in making smoothie.

And then I remembered that my husband hates swallowing vitamin supplements and that I needed to make a smoothie that would provide his body the necessary support so I added carrot and apple to the watercress, spinach and mint to make my “I hate pills” vegetable smoothie.

If you are calcium deficient or vitamin C deficient or having trouble giving your body the needed vitamins to support your bones, brain and immune system, then try this smoothie because carrot is fiber rich and rich in vitamin A, C, K, beta carotene, B8, antioxidants, folate and a lot more. Apple is also fiber rich, a good source of antioxidant as well and reduces your risk of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. 

Super foods smoothie
Watercress, spinach, carrot, mint & apple smoothie

Raw foods, super foods and organic foods in general support your body’s health. So go try this!


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Super vegetable smoothie: watercress, spinach & mint

I grew up on a farm in Nigeria where we ate food grown on the farm and never had to eat food out of the refrigerator. As a modern wife and mother, it’s not easy cooking and eating fresh every single day but in my household, we thrive for this – after all, I chose to be a work-from-home mum for a reason.

So, eating raw vegetables comes very easy for me. I seriously can’t begin to count the variety of vegetables that we eat in my home. The combination of vegetables that I am loving right now is watercress, spinach and mint vegetable smoothie. As a golden rule, I do not buy raw vegetables from departmental stores rather I go to the local markets where farmers and traders sell farm produce. That way, I know am buying only organic farm produce.

Watercress smoothie
Raw vegetable smoothie
Watercress, spinach & mint smoothie

Watercress is a super vegetable plant that contains even more vitamin C than an orange and more calcium than that which is found in milk. Other health benefits of this anti-oxidant rich watercress includes cancer prevention properties of folate which studies have shown that participants who consumed watercress had been shown to have reduced risk of cancer such as breast cancer and colorectal cancer. The folate in watercress also helps to reduce the risk of depression, stroke, osteoporosis, and cognitive decline. The calcium rich watercress gives bone health and lowers the risk of hypertension and diabetes. The brain also benefits from watercress as it helps to build and repair brain tissues. And of course, being rich in vitamin C means you have a defense against common cold.

Spinach also has great health benefits. Spinach like watercress is a super food that is beneficial to the entire body. This multi-vitamin rich vegetable is rich in folate, vitamin C, and anti-oxidants. Mint on the other hand is a palate cleanser and aids digestion. I added it to the smoothie for its taste which instantly “wakes” me up. Love this smoothie so much. You should give it a try.


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Rosemary: Positive mind & body

Rosemary leaves

As a herb lover, I almost cannot cook without herbs as they not only give food pleasant aromas that are good to the senses but possess medicinal values. I have always used rosemary in my meals and the oil in all the organic skincare products that I use. I began brewing the dry leaves which many of us use in cooking into teas and drinking it this year because I found out that rosemary is great for the brain. I found out too after weeks of drinking rosemary tea that the mental fatigue and fog that I had felt for months gradually diminished to a clearer mind that could remember just about anything. And what’s more, I was always in a good mood and realized that my ability to cope with stress grew. Little did I know that taking rosemary reduces the cortisol hormones produced during stress, making it much easier to manage stress.
Just by drinking the tea alone which you can make daily by buying dry rosemary leaves from the condiment section of any departmental store and steaming in a sauce span with a cup or two of water and bringing to boil, you would be doing your brain a whole lot of good. Rosemary boosts the brain and its ability to remember things. I realized that I could remember long forgotten events or memories from the past.

My ability to cope with stress and mental alertness is so heighten that I am much more organized than I used to be. 

Rosemary is also an anti oxidant so it boosts one’s immune system as well as gives relief to indigestion. 

Rosemary & basil tea

Rosemary is also anti – inflammatory as such gives relief to the skin by treating rash, eczema and some other common skin rash. It also helps to relief pain and aches as such the oil can be used in massage to relief aches and pain.

To make rosemary oil, bring almond oil to a boil in a crockpot, add fresh rosemary leaves and steam for three to five minutes. Besides its therapeutic value, rosemary oil can be used in the treatment of hair loss and while it can be applied directly to scalp, it can also be mixed with shampoos and hair conditioners.

If you love to make organic lotions, then adding rosemary oil to your ingredients enriches the lotions as rosemary oil is great for the skin and even helps to relieve dry skin.

Got a mouth odour? Rosemary tea can rid mouth odour and give fresh breath. 

Rosemary oil makes for a great fragrance for your home. As fragrance oil, you can sprinkle it on pot pourri or any dry decorative plants you have in your home and on furnitures. You can even add it to your hand wash and hand lotion in bathrooms for a therapeutic effect that energizes the senses.

To get a head start daily, I start each day by drinking rosemary herb tea first thing in the morning. It sets me in a positive mood that gets my brain active and alive. Go try it!

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DIY Laxative & antacid 

I grew up knowing Andrews Liver Salt to be the quickest relief from constipation and bloated stomach. I had learned to keep the sachets handy until the day that I needed one and found I had none so I had no choice but to make my own. 

To make your own DIY laxative and antacid, you only need lemon and baking soda.

To constitute your mix, you will need: 

Quarter spoon of baking soda &

The juice of half of a lemon

And then pour the baking soda into the lemon juice, which creates the effervescence (that is the foaming bubbles) and add a little water. Drink immediately. You will get relief just as soon as you experience with Andrews liver salt. 

So tell me, have you got any home remedy for bloated stomach and constipation?


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Coconut milk & your skin

coconut milk

Coconut milk is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids as such is a good moisturizer for the skin and conditioner for the hair as it detangles hair for a softer texture. Coconut milk rich properties make it excellent for sensitive skin and it moisturizes the skin for a brighter, youthful skin.

There are various ways your skin can benefit from the richness of coconut milk. For a start, you could combine Castile soap with coconut milk to make a liquid coconut milk soap that can serve as moisturizing soap for the body and conditioning shampoo for the hair. 

As a cleanser, coconut milk serves as a nourishing makeup remover as well as serves as a toner which nourishes the skin, especially delicate skin to moisturize and brighten complexion.

If you want natural looking youthful skin, then incorporate coconut milk in your body lotion.

You can make a hair mask by combining coconut milk with honey and applying to your hair. Put on a shower cap and allow the heat from the shower cap to steam your hair for 20 minutes. Afterwards, rinse off with warm water. This will detangle your hair and give your hair a softer texture.

So buy an organic coconut milk today and begin benefiting from its richness.