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ENE Naturals Vitamin C Brightening face & body cream


Vitamin C Brightening face and body cream by ENE Naturals is one hundred percent organic cream that naturally brightens dull complexion while treating acne and sun burn by the aid of its vitamin C rich sweet orange content.

This organic brightening cream is used for the following: skin brightening and even skin tone, acne treatment, sun burn treatment, dark circle treatment and fights wrinkles and the signs of aging.

Ingredients are: coconut oil, almond oil, water, orange extract, lemon oil, turmeric, jasmine oil, vitamin E, lavender oil and citric acid.

Turmeric gives the cream it’s soft green color while the lavender oil and orange extract combination gives it a yummy fragrance. This product has a good amount of water as such the texture is non-greasy, soft and light weight.


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Shea love: why high grade Shea butter is important 

Hi guys,

I just got my fresh batch of raw Shea butter from the farm yesterday so I am so excited!

This raw Shea butter is harvested from Shea nuts grown in Western Nigeria. I particularly love this one because of its creamy and soft texture which makes it fantastic for making body butters, hair creams or even lip balms. 

As a maker of organic skincare products in Nigeria, using high grade and fresh Shea butter is very important because the quality does affect the outcome and shelf life of Shea butter skincare products that you make. If you make such products, make sure the Shea butter is fresh, that it is clean and free of dirts and nuts residue; make sure it is not stale as stale Shea butter often times have insects dwelling in them, they also tend to bore holes in them and look swollen with water. When you melt them, you would find the Shea oil floating at the top while the water would settle at the bottom. 
The best way to get fresh and high grade Shea butter is to source them from the Shea butter growers themselves that way you are guaranteed freshness and quality. And when you do get them, keep them securely wrapped and stored in a cool, dry place. I have a large bucket into which I store raw Shea butter.

Shea butter is great for cooking, skin, hair and nails so get on board today!

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Raw Shea Butter


Raw Shea butter (unscented) by ENE Naturals, Nigerian organic skincare brand. This raw Shea butter is in its natural form and perfect for people who desire natural, unprocessed Shea butter. This raw Shea butter is sourced from Shea nuts in Nigeria and great for cooking, the skin, hair and nails.

Shea butter can be used as a hand cream, as lip balm, hair cream, moisturizer for the body and as nappy cream. You can expect soft, smooth skin, soft, full hair and strong nails from using Shea butter.  Shea butter also comes handy in keeping your body warm during winter or cold African weather. It also has been known for treating inflammation, sun burn and burns in general. Shea butter also has wrinkle fighting properties that makes it perfect as an anti aging moisturizer.


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Raw Shea Butter (Scented)

Raw, natural Shea butter by ENE Naturals is naturally scented with lavender oil and Rosemary oil. This raw Shea butter is sourced by hand from Nigerian Shea nuts.

Shea butter is great on skin, hair and nails. Shea butter gives your skin a soft, moisturized and supple texture and especially good for dry, chap skin. Shea butter will not clog your pores and its collagen boosters help fight wrinkles and stretch marks as well as heal your skin.

Shea butter is also great for hair as it gives hair fuller, longer and softer texture. It is great for softening natural kinky hair.

Shea butter makes nails longer and stronger and you benefit by using it as a hand cream.

You can also use Shea butter as a lip balm as it keeps the lips moisturized for long.

You can also use this Raw Shea butter by ENE Naturals which is scented with lavender oil and Rosemary oil as a massage balm as it helps to sooth and relax the body as well as soothe aches and pain.


Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to Raw Shea butter (scented) by ENE Naturals and you have a wholesome and therapeutic massage balm for a relaxing and therapeutic experience.


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Organic Body Firming Cream

Organic body firming cream by ENE Naturals is hundred percent natural with no artificial preservatives or fragrances. This natural firming cream fights wrinkles and signs of aging through its collagen boosting properties which help to regenerate skin cells which combats aging and wrinkles. The result is a firmer, youthful skin that is healthy and free of toxins.

You can expect result in seven days. Your skin also benefit from this product by combating stretch marks as well and protecting your skin from free radicals.

Active ingredients include myrrh, castor oil, Shea butter, avocado oil, Vitamins A,C,E, Rosemary oil, Argan oil & collagen.