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Bye-bye DKNY

A few days ago, after rocking this black DKNY tote bag for three good years, I passed it on to someone else to enjoy. I think there’s something good about getting real value for money 😊. If you have spent a good decent amount of money for a bag/purse, which you’ve used over time without complaint or fault, it certainly is good value for money.

I know quite a number of people who hold the view that it is foolish to spend good money on quality items, especially if those items belonged to high end brands. They argue that high end brands are just a waste of money, saying that what we pay for is the brand name and not the quality. But I beg to differ. I was raised by parents who believed in quality and I have seen from using high quality products like kitchen/house hold appliances to fashion wears, that quality lasts over time and that great quality cost money. I love the fact that somebody else is going to benefit from using an already three-year old DKNY bag which has no fault at all even after such a long time.

So brings my question: how much would you pay for quality? Do you think high end brands are over priced? Is there any item you’ve used over time and wasn’t ashamed to pass it on to another person?


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