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Nigeria's 'Benin' traditional wedding

Bronze Goddess NG’s slogan, Redefining the true value of black beauty holds true. We are committed to celebrating the African woman who is an epitome of beauty, strength and values. The African woman, just like civilisation itself has evolved with time, and moving from her traditional role in the home as wife, mother and home-maker to becoming a career-driven professional with the ‘wonder-woman’ capability of combining both home and career. Many African women today are recording successes as entrepreneurs, thereby contributing to national growth and development. 

The African woman can be found in the entertainment industry, engineering and ICT, fashion industry, entrepreneurship, among many other professions that she has continuously to thrive in. And she, like her beautiful counterparts the world over, seeks for ways of expressing her beauty. Here on this blog, we will share thoughts, ideas, suggestions and solutions to enhancing the African woman’s beauty. And if you consider yourself a true beautiful African woman, then join this blog and share your comments with the millions of women all over the continent who are proud of who they are.  

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