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Blushing for the perfect silhouette 

Okay, agreed, you have tried contouring but found its not working, especially as you struggle to blend in dark shadows for contouring your cheeks. But of course, you want the perfect silhouette so you could create a slimmer face. Not to worry, all you need are two shades of blush, both of which must be your two most natural shades for your complexion – one deep, one light and of course, you need a bronzer.

The good thing about using blush for contouring is that you would not have a dark patch on your cheeks all in the name of contouring 😜 !

Steps to contouring with blush:

1. Sink your cheeks and apply the deep shade of blush along the sunken cheek.

2. Apply the lighter shade of blush on the apple of the cheeks.

3. Apply bronzer on the apple of the cheek and along cheek bone. 

By highlighting the cheek bone with bronzer, you inadvertently create a silhouette for a slimmer face.

And you are done. For this look, I used Flori Roberts blush Rio and Mary Kay Cinammon stick, which is the lighter shade.

Give it a try and tell me how it looked.


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