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Making products by hand is pure joy

I was a very self-aware teen who wanted to create things with my own hands. I remember getting on my knees while in boarding school and opening my palms and asking God to bless my hands because I knew that I was a creative person. And as I got older, that desire to create things with my own hands heightened. I started by writing and blogging; and I would create dishes and cook meals while working under my mother’s tutelage who was and still is a chef; and years later, I would go into making natural products because of that passion to create with my own hands. And till this day, we make some of our natural skincare and hair care products by hand, especially our African black soap products. When you make things with your hands, it is pure labor of love and we put in utmost care into making our products by hand. At the fore front of our activities are our customers whom we want to provide only products that are safe and free of toxins; and our environment, which we must protect. When I make products with my hands, it is pure joy because it means that my dreams and aspirations have materialized and it means that I am helping feel a need for someone. How has your childhood dreams shaped your today?

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Free Natural hair care training!

As part of our female empowerment initiative, we are rolling out our free hair care training.

Enroll now for our Free Hair care training! Are you female, aged 18 to 40? Then you can nominate yourself or nominate someone to participate in our one week free training on how to make natural hair care products.⁣

In this free training, you will learn how to make professional products like:⁣

  1. Conditioning shampoo⁣
  2. Leave-in conditioner⁣
  3. Hair cream⁣

    You will also be given:⁣
  4. A free manual⁣
  5. Formulation templates ⁣
  6. Organic ingredients Supplier list⁣

    You will also learn:⁣
  7. Product costing⁣
  8. Good practice product labeling⁣
  9. Product marketing ⁣

    You will receive free membership of our Ene Naturals Training Academy Facebook Group where we share free refresher courses weekly!⁣

    To qualify⁣
  10. Like this post and follow us @ene_naturals⁣ on Instagram
  11. Nominate yourself or someone else in the comment section and explain why you or they qualify to be admitted.⁣
  12. Get your friends to like your comment.⁣
    The comments with the highest likes win.⁣

    Good luck!
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New product alert: Bulgarian Rose Hyaluronic water cream

Hyaluronic water cream

We recently launched our Bulgarian Rose hyaluronic acid cream to provide intense hydration and deep moisture to dry skin, sensitive skin or oily skin while repairing and rejuvenating the skin. This water cream is oil-free and contains nourishing plant extracts to treat damaged skin caused by harsh weather exposure like sun exposure as well as to treat common skin ailments like rash or acne and to rejuvenate the skin by plumping up the skin and fighting signs of aging.

Our key ingredients are Bulgarian rose which functions as a detoxifier, exfoliant, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing. Anti-oxidant rich, its healing power is immense that it clears acne, eczema, scars and dermatitis and gives youthful, clearer skin and hyaluronic acid which is known to fight signs of aging, heal the skin and to give the skin smoothness and suppleness.

Do you have oily skin or sensitive skin? Have your skin been damaged by sunburn? Then our Bulgarian Rose Hyaluronic water cream is just right for you. This oil-free moisturizer contains no oil and is formulated with hyaluronic acid, aloe Vera gel, cucumber extract, lavender extract, Bulgarian Rose extract, chamomile extract and contains collagen, vitamin E and glycolic acid. This water cream deeply hydrates and moisturizes the skin while repairing and rejuvenating the skin for a smoother, supple, youthful skin.

To buy this product, you can find it HERE in our online store.

Got any questions? Please leave a comment.



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Our eco-friendly initiave


“I spent my early years on a farm in rural Nigeria and tended to animals while planting and growing our own crops organically. Influenced by my grandparents who were local herbal practitioners, I had always known the importance of nature in our existence. At 15, I became the president of the Conservation Club in secondary school where I would work towards the preservation of trees and nature in general. I am a nature lover, which is why at Ene Naturals, we are committed to incorporating environmental sustainability into our organization’s culture. I am Ene Adasen, founder of Ene Naturals limited.”

Ene Naturals is a small business based in Lagos, Nigeria and we create all natural skincare and hair care products for the African skin. As enshrined in our vision, we are committed to creating products that are completely chemical-free and toxin-free. Which is the reason why as a responsible company, we will never make bleaching products or incorporate any chemical that is harmful to the skin or body in any of our products. And because we love the environment so much, we are always looking for ways to improve our processes to facilitate waste reduction, especially industrial waste which is the reason why we created our product refill station.


By creating a product refill station, customers are able to walk into our store to refill their products or we ship the refill products to them directly to their homes. By doing this, we are encouraging our customers to reuse their product containers and to dislodge the idea of a single use container mentality. By choosing to reuse product containers and to refill their products with us, our customers are benefitting by saving 500 Naira because they are getting the products cheaper. We are able to accomplish this because by choosing to refill our products in paper packaging and pouches, we as a company, is saving such production costs as water, soap and sterilization, which is common with plastic packaging usage. By choosing to refill and use paper packaging, we are reducing water waste and manufacturing waste, which is a big deal for us. We are also saving on man hours employed in the actual production and packaging of products, which makes paper packaging and refills a better option.

product refill station
Our product refill

Organic product refills
Some of our refills

And we are not just stopping there. When we decided to wrap our handmade soaps in cute paper wrappings with paper twine bows, we realized how much love we had put into creating our very cute soaps and saw another opportunity to reduce waste and save cost by recycling the paper trimmings into confetti papers for our gift baskets and gift boxes. We try as much as possible to reuse and recycle materials so we also recycle the printing paper on our labels into confetti papers for our gift boxes as well. Here is a video to show you how we reuse the paper trimmings and paper labels as confetti for our gift boxes and gift baskets.

We also pay our customers 200 Naira for returning our glass containers after use because by doing this, we are able to reuse our containers thereby reducing waste and reducing production cost. So both the company and the customers benefit from choosing to reuse and refill product containers.

We try as much as we can to reduce waste within the company and to recycle or reuse materials as much as possible. This is why when we receive raw materials from our suppliers in carton boxes, we do not discard those boxes but reuse them in packaging products to our clients. Our retail space is made principally of reused display shelves and decorative items rather than opt for a flashy, contemporary retail space. Our goal is to show to our customers that by adopting simple principles, we can all contribute to keeping the environment safe.


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Our product refill station now open

Product refill station Nigeria

We are so happy to announce that we have finally created our product refill station which allows you to refill our products in paper or spout pouch packaging at a 500 Naira discount! So you save 500 Naira each time you refill our products and reuse your containers. It’s our commitment to protecting the environment to reuse and recycle containers to reduce waste. We will also pay 200 Naira for any of our glass containers you return to us after use (amount which will be deducted from purchase). Because we want to reduce our plastic packaging, we have also further discounted our products so soaps and shampoos are now reduced by 500 Naira! Please join us in our initiative to be eco-friendly. You can refill your products online by purchasing the refill pouches on our website or by visiting our refill station.

We encourage you to reuse your product containers because it reduces waste. With the ability to refill your products, there is no excuse for single use of containers. So please let’s partner together in reducing plastic waste.

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Introducing our black soaps in paper packaging

Black soap eco friendly
Shea black soap – 1,500 Naira

Introducing our black soaps in paper packaging! As part of our commitment to be eco-friendly and to encourage our customers to use our refill station to refill their products while they reuse their containers, we are pleased to introduce to you, all our black soaps in paper packaging. We made it cute to express how much we love you as our customers. With paper packaging, our black soap is now cheaper by 500 Naira! Oh yes! because paper is cheaper than plastic and by using paper, we actually save on water cost and cleaning costs as well, meaning we are actually reducing our production waste! So more paper packaging equals less industrial waste! Please we encourage you to reuse your containers while you refill your products. We refill all of our products except the ones in glass containers which we will collect back after use and pay you 200 Naira for returning the containers! Isn’t that a great deal? Please keep sending your orders in and let’s reduce plastic waste!

Brightening black soap – 1,500 Naira
Lightening black soap 2,000 Naira
Brightening goat milk black soap 2,000 Naira

These products are available on our store 👉🏽


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Eid sales now on!

Eid sales now on!

Ramadan is a very holy period that brings Eid which brings joy and happiness to all our moslem brothers and sisters. So in celebration with our brothers and sisters across the world, we are offering 5% discounts on all our carrier and essential oils and 10% discounts on the rest of our products. This offer ends on the 24th of May 2021 so hurry while promo lasts! visit our SHOP to enjoy this discount.

Cheers from all of us at Ene Naturals!

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Hydrating skincare for African skin

Black is beautiful
Nourishing skincare products for beautiful African skin

Products featured in this video include:

1. Ene Naturals Hydrating body butter with coconut and cucumber

2. Ene Naturals Shea black soap

3. Ene Naturals anti-wrinkle products

To order any of these products, please visit our online SHOP


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Our improved Organic Hair Gro

Organic hair butter

Meet our improved Organic Hair Gro! Made with organic oils, essential oils, herbs and plant extracts like aloe Vera gel, our improved Organic Hair Gro nourishes, moisturizes, softens, protects and promotes hair growth. Packaged in reusable jars for the customer to reuse when buying in refill pouches from us.

Organic hair Gro made with herbs 🌿

To order this product, please visit our online Store