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Get a Free Facial!

The Free facial is open to customers in Lagos only while the 10% discount applies to customers outside Lagos. Pls check out the T’s & C’s

A free facial at a natural Spa in Lekki awaits you when you buy our Skin Rejuvenation Gift Basket. Are you outside Lagos? Not to worry because you will be receiving 10% discount on the gift basket instead! We’ve got everyone covered.⁣

In this basket are:⁣

  • Anti-wrinkle day face cream with SPF 30⁣
  • Anti-wrinkle night face cream⁣
  • Skin renew anti-wrinkle body lotion⁣
  • Skin renew anti-aging body oil⁣
  • Gold face exfoliator ⁣
  • Natural Radiance face wash⁣
  • Brightening goat milk body wash⁣
    To order, please send us a DM or chat us on WhatsApp at 2348098303030.⁣

To order our Skin rejuvenation gift basket, please visit our SHOP

Terms and Conditions:

1. The free facial only applies to customers in Lagos while customers outside Lagos will receive the 10% discount.

2. If a customer chooses the free facial, then he or she cannot receive the 10% discount and vice versa.


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Save more on black soaps

You can save more money on African black soaps when you buy in paper bags. We want to encourage you to reuse, reduce and recycle your beauty packaging and what better way to do that than to buy black soaps and Shea butter from us in paper bags.

You will also be saving money as well! You will save 400 Naira every time you buy our black soaps and Shea butter in paper bags!

Compare the prices below:

Black soap in paper bag
Black soap packed in plastic packaging sells at 2,000 Naira

It’s our own little way of encouraging you to take a part in saving the environment.

To enjoy this saving, please visit our SHOP

Happy shopping!


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Save big on products in paper bags

Hi lovelies!

We are excited to bring you this news! Save big by buying our Shea butter in paper bags! We want to encourage you to reuse and recycle the packaging you currently have by buying our Shea butter and black soaps in paper bags.

You save as much as 400 Naira when you buy our Shea butter in paper bags! Compare prices.

250g pure Shea butter retails at 600 Naira as against Shea butter in aluminum tin at 1000 Naira
250g Shea butter in aluminum tin retains at 1,000 Naira
Scented Shea butter 250g retails at 800 Naira as against scented Shea butter in aluminum tin at 1,200 Naira
Scented Shea butter in aluminum tin at 1,200 Naira

To order these products, please visit SHOP

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Hello lovelies!

I bring you exciting news! Ene Naturals is offering 10% discount on all our products between now and April 15th in celebration of women and Easter.

We also have gift sets you can choose from to give to your loved ones this Easter. You can also Build a custom gift box as well! To build a custom gift box, all you need to do is to select the gift box size of your choice, the products you want in them and write a short message to be included in the box in the Order notes section on checkout. To build a custom gift box, click BUILD A CUSTOM GIFT BOX

And to benefit from our 10% discount, shop online at and use coupon code: EASTER on checkout or you can send your orders to our WhatsApp line 23408098303030.

We have a nice selection of gift sets to buy – all at discounted prices. You can shop for them at GIFT SETS


Our Easter sales promo is valid till April 15th 2021. Please do remember to use the coupon code EASTER on checkout. Visit and shop at ORGANIC SHOP to enjoy the discount!



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Happy international women’s day

Happy international women’s day!

I am always excited about IWD because it is a special day dedicated to promoting the call for gender equality, fairness and no discrimination against women. For a female entrepreneur such as I, it is such a difficult task to run a viable or successful business while running a home and taking care of the kids and even extended family members. When we try to grow our businesses, even accessing finance is difficult for us by virtue of our gender. It seems as though the society is in a ploy to frustrate female entrepreneurs. But we are rising above such challenges and also learning to depend on one another to achieve the goals and aspirations that we have.

So here’s a toast to every girl and woman out there and to everyone fighting for gender equality, inclusiveness and fairness in the workplace and in the society in general. The world needs powerful women so we have to work collectively to raise power women.



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natural products for different skin types

Got dry skin? Shop for DRY SKIN PRODUCTS 

Got normal to combination skin? Shop for NORMAL TO COMBINATION SKINCARE PRODUCTS 

Got oily and acne prone skin? Shop for OILY AND ACNE PRONE SKINCARE PRODUCTS

Do you have mature skin? Then Shop for ANTI-AGING SKINCARE FOR MATURE SKIN

Are you struggling with hyperpigmentation, dull complexion and uneven skin? Then Shop for HYPERPIGMENTATION SKINCARE PRODUCTS

Do you want to nourish your beautiful dark skin with a natural glow and shine? Then Shop for SKINCARE FOR DARK COMPLEXION

Are you naturally fair in complexion and want an even skin tone and glow without the dangers of skin bleaching? Then Shop for SKINCARE FOR FAIR COMPLEXION  for a radiant, even complexion.

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Natural skincare made with love ❤️

certified African organic skincare formulator

I so love my job! 😀 I could go on creating and formulation products even if I don’t sell them! 😃 That’s how passionate I am about my craft. I guess when you do what you love, you don’t care about monetary gains. I am in no competition with anyone rather I am even gladder when everyone succeeds. If you’ve been having sleepless nights over someone else’s success then it’s time to snap out of it and let your passion drive you. The world is a better place when we all succeed together. 🥂

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Steam inhalation therapy benefits

Steam inhalation therapy is one of the ways you can free your nasal passage by melting the mucus which causes blocked nose and makes it difficult to breathe or to swallow. This is why people who have caught the corona virus are advised to steam daily. Usually when we have common cold or flu, it begins with a stuffy nose which is caused by an inflammation of the blood vessels of the sinuses. Steam inhalation helps to thin the mucus that prevent us from breathing properly. While it may not kill the virus, you will feel much better especially as steam inhalation with peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils help to relief headache and pains associated with such accuse upper respiratory infection. Get immediate relief when you use either peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils in your steam inhalation. To buy any of our essential oils, visit our online Store

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Merry Christmas!

From the bottom of our hearts at Ene Naturals, we wish you all gorgeous people a merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

We are closed for the holidays and will resume on January 4th 2021. While we are still receiving orders, we will only be able to process them on January 4th 2021.

2020 has been a tough year but you have been with us all the way. We wish you all the best in 2021 and hope that you realize all your dreams and aspirations in 2021.

Best wishes,