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Exclusive interview with Ene Naturals MD

Hello everyone, we are so happy that we can finally share this interview with everyone. In this interview with African Brands, our MD Ene Adasen, talks about the inspiration behind the brand Ene Naturals and the gains and challenges of running a natural beauty business in Nigeria, Africa’s largest market.

🎄 Christmas Gifts under 5000 Naira

🎁Gift ideas under 5,000 Naira for Her 👧🏾 This Christmas, we are bringing you gift guide for giving the perfect gift. This simple gift set can fit snuggly into a purse and is ideal for a self-gift, for a teenager or for the woman in your life. It’s simple but thoughtful. With this gift, one …

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Melanin skincare: Fighting Colourism

I hear this very often: “am only beautiful when I am lighter”or “My man loves light skinned women so I have to bleach my skin for him.”Or “Lighter people are prettier” And then of course, I hear this a lot! “Your product darkened me. This is why I don’t like organic products “ And then …

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I got featured on TV!

Last week, I received an award from African brands for most innovative beauty brand in Nigeria and it followed with an interview about my entrepreneurial journey and the Nigerian beauty industry I feel blessed to have come this far and I am looking forward with big expectations for myself. But I am also hoping for …

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We won most innovative skincare brand!

We won the most Innovative Skincare brand conferred on us by African Brands. We were ecstatic but humble that our activities are being recognized. This only goes to reinforce my belief that our passion should always drive us to achieve our dreams. What this means for Ene Naturals is that our commitment to creating all …

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Online summer beauty classes for teens

Our online summer beauty classes for teens resumes this year and starts on August 8th 2022. This year, we have two online courses available which are Natural hair care training and Natural skincare training. Our training provides students with useful tools for product creation. Students will learn how to create formulas for either skincare or …

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Summer Skin Glow

Having a summer glow can be thwarted by dehydration which not only affects your body but your skin as well. Which is why intense hydration is very important during summer. Another battle you might face during summer, especially in tropical climates like Africa, is your skin getting tanned or darker due to sun exposure. Which …

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Detoxifying facial steam for acne prone skin

I took this post from my second blog – http://www.ennewrites.com which I published in 2016. Even though it’s been a while, the tips still holds true today. I have an oily face so I am very acne prone and I have become even more acne prone since I turned forty barely two years ago. When …

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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all amazing fathers and of course, mothers who are also playing the father role. We cannot but celebrate mothers who have the dual responsibility of being mothers and fathers. To celebrate our fathers on this special day, we have created two gift boxes containing our Ose Oba Moisturizing lotion and soap …

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Building an environmentally sustainable small business

As the world celebrates Earth day, I am faced with the reality that Africa is still lagging beyond especially in terms of waste control and industrial waste. I am also even more aware of the fact that many small businesses in Nigeria are contributing to this environmental problem because they are ill-equipped and uninformed to …

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Happy Mother’s Day! Gift guide for Mother’s Day

Nigeria celebrates Mother’s Day today 27th March 2022. We just love the month of March as we celebrate women all month long! As we celebrate women this month, have you gotten a gift to celebrate the special woman in your life – your mother, wife, sister, girlfriend or best friend? If you are yet to …

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