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🎄 Christmas Gifts under 5000 Naira

🎁Gift ideas under 5,000 Naira for Her 👧🏾 This Christmas, we are bringing you gift guide for giving the perfect gift. This simple gift set can fit snuggly into a purse and is ideal for a self-gift, for a teenager or for the woman in your life. It’s simple but thoughtful. With this gift, one …

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Melanin skincare: Fighting Colourism

I hear this very often: “am only beautiful when I am lighter”or “My man loves light skinned women so I have to bleach my skin for him.”Or “Lighter people are prettier” And then of course, I hear this a lot! “Your product darkened me. This is why I don’t like organic products “ And then …

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Customized private label manufacturing services

I love creating, which is the passion that drove me into creating my natural beauty brand, Ene Naturals. Because of this passion to create, I love the exciting challenges of creating unique formulas for our individual private label clients. We cater to start-ups and because they are all launching new products into their various niche …

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Remedy for cold sores

Cold sores are fluid-filled blisters formed on the lips or other areas of the body. In Nigeria, many refer to it as fever rash. It could be red in some people and for we Africans, it is not necessarily red at all but there are usually a cluster of blisters and usually form on the …

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Manufacturing tips for organic beauty startups

Are you looking to start your own natural or organic beauty brand? If yes, how excited are you about this new venture of yours? I guess before you dived into this new adventure of yours, you might have done due diligence about the kind of market that you would be entering? Some important questions should …

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Starting your beauty brand

We have been very busy fulfilling our private label clients’ orders. Personally, I love the challenge of custom formulations because it means creating a brand new product from scratch without having to copy anyone. Clients come to us because they are buying products off the shelf for their brands; rather, we are creating unique products …

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Formulating with high performance Ingredients

What are high performance ingredients? They are ingredients that go beyond organic carrier oils to include botanical extracts, vitamins, special oils and essential oils, specialty solubilizers and emulsifiers that come together to create a high performance product that is potent and effective at producing results. Learn about formulating with high performance ingredients by watching the …

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