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Benefits of lemongrass 

Lemongrass grows in large quantities in Nigeria where we steep it as herbal infusions for medicinal purposes. I started drinking lemongrass tea or herbal infusion since I was a child. What I love the most about lemongrass is the aroma it exudes – it stirs up the senses while calming you at the same time. When I boil it at home, the aroma fills the entire house with its lemony-minty fragrance which creates positive vibes and lifts the mood.


There many uses of lemongrass which is its medicinal purposes as herbal infusion. We drink it in Nigeria for good health and for curing cold while the oil is used for therapeutic purposes to treat rheumatic pain, headache and other kinds of pains. Steeped lemongrass tea is fantastic for a healthy digestive tract as such it aids digestion and helps bowel movement to ease constipation. If you feel constipated, lemongrass tea is very useful in giving you relief. If you seek to empty your bowel, then drink a cup of lemongrass herbal tea before bed time and first thing in the morning and your bowel will empty out, making you feel lighter and free.

Lemongrass herbal infusion
Lemongrass tea

To preserve lemongrass or to make your own dry powdered lemongrass herbal tea at home is pretty easy. After washing, spread it out in a strainer to dry and place it where you get sun exposure and allow the sunlight to dry it naturally. It takes a couple of days to dry lemongrass completely and you can mill it into powder which you can store in a mason jar. You can also make lemongrass herbal infusion by boiling the fresh grass in a sauce pan into which you have poured water. Bring it to boil. Once the color changes to a dark green color, you can pour into a cup and drink either hot or cold.

Herbal teas are healthier than regular tea and put you in a healthy mental state, which lemongrass tea does. If you’ve been disregarding this herb, do give it a try.


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