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Age defying beauty tips

If looking younger for longer is what you desire, then there are lifestyle changes that you must make. Here are some:

Sleep & Stress:
Our skin repairs and rejuvenates while we sleep so if you are sleeping for fewer hours than required, not only will your skin breakout, your skin will wrinkle as well. As you advance in age, you need this skin cell renewal and rejuvenation more than ever, so find time to sleep well at night.

Stress as we know, causes hormonal fluctuation, another ailment on its own, which is even a huge discomfort and condition caused by age. So, imagine that you are experiencing hot flashes caused by hormonal imbalance experienced at menopause and you are also under going stress. What this means is that your body is taking more than it can handle. When you are under stress, your body shuts down. When this happens, skincare products cannot take effect; even daily nutritional supplements would not help.

Sun, Alcohol & Smoking:

All three cause dehydration to the body and allows your skin to wrinkle and sag. Another damage smoking does to our body is that it blocks blood vessels responsible for providing oxygen, which rids the body of impurities; as such, premature aging is expected.

As for the sun, you must protect yourself by using sunscreen at all times.

Oils: Lubricate your skin

If you have oily skin, now is not the time to use oil free products because as you age, your skin loses oil from the body, which is why elderly skin is dry and wrinkled. When you use oil free products, you are further drying your skin. So, unlike in your youth when you fought against your oily skin, now is the time to embrace it!


You really do not have to rub body oil directly on your body as some can cause greasing. Please, use velvety smooth body oils that do not clog. You can add a few drops of oil in your bath just when you are about rinsing your body. Do not towel dry but allow the body to dry naturally. This will give you an all day moisture. You can use baby oils as they are harmless and non greasy.


Always use moisturizers, not skin bleaching products. As you age, stay away from bleaching products as they dry the skin and cause the skin to wrinkle. As you get older, dwell more on having a beautiful skin and not an addiction to skin lightening.

Clarins tinted moisturizer
Clarins tinted moisturizer

COLLAGEN – AHA (alpha Hydroxy acids)

Skincare products containing these are anti- aging so always look out for these


These products can be used as both cleanser and mask:

~ milk
~ cucumber
~ banana
~ carrot juice

These firm the face as well as plump up your skin which you need. It will leave your skin moisturizer, hydrated, soft and supple.

As cleanser, apply with finger tips on your face and rinse off with water. As mask, leave for fifteen minutes and rinse off.


~ Egg white
~ Honey


For firmer neck, mix lemon juice with oatmeal. Use as scrub and mask for the neck. Rinse off with water after fifteen minutes.


As one ages, nails become weaker as well. So soak your fingers in olive oil nightly for five minutes before bed time. This will strengthen your nails.

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  1. It is always cheerful man looks comparatively beautiful. So be at calm on stress and tension these situation happening to so many people, we should gather our energy both physical and mental to face challenge come out with success, have natural diet and good deep sleep will enhanec your beauty

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