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Beauty tip: 5 things you need for a clearer, brighter complexion

Forget skin bleaching; it cannot give you an even-tone complexion. If you want a clearer, brighter complexion, three things you must do: cleanse, tone, moisturize and to achieve this, you need five things to take care of your face, neck and the rest of your body.

black opal pre fade cleansing bar

This pre fade cleansing bar can be used for the face, the neck and your entire body. If you are using this soap, then you do not need a cleanser to follow in your beauty regime but a toner. So, skip any bottle cleanser and go straight to the toner as too much cleansing can cause breakouts. This bar is excellent for an even tone as it fades away spots on your body. It moisturizes and exfoliates to give you a brigther complexion. Active ingredients are aloe leaf juice, oatmeal and papaya fruit extract. This bar cleanses your face as well as wash your entire body.

flori roberts enlighten cleanser
Flori Roberts perfect tone cleansing foam

The Enlighten range of cleanser, toner and moisturizer are formulated to give a brighter, even complexion by fading out skin discolorations, uneven skin tones and age spots. The Enlighten perfect tone cleansing foam is a cleansing foam that exfoliates by removing dull complexion. Active ingredients are emblica which evens and brightens skin tone while riding discolorations and papaya enzyme. If you are concerned about using safe brightening products, have no fear as the Enlighten range is plant-based.

flori roberts enlighten toner
flori roberts perfecttone skin prep

This toner gives skin a brighter complexion thanks to extracts from aloe, cuccumber and ivy.

Flori Roberts Enligten moisturizers are available in two different bottles: the light-weight moisturizer for oily skin and the creamy moisturizer for normal to dry skin. Check them out

flori roberts enlighten moisturizer
Flori Roberts Enlighten moisturizer for oil skin
flori roberts enlighten moisturizer
flori roberts enlighten moisturizer complexhydrate for normal to oily skin

Both Flori Roberts Enlighten moisturizers contain emblica which fades out skin discolorations and brightens skin. The moisturizers also contain anti-ageing properties.

Brightening cream for your body:

The products mentioned above care for your face; the Flori Roberts Chromatone fade plus brightens your entire body.

flori roberts fade cream
flori roberts fade plus

This evens out skin tone by fading out spots. It also contains SPF 15


IF you use these products, expect results in no time.



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  1. hi,
    just viewed ur creams, i ‘ ll like you to recommend d one dat wil give my skin a bright and glowing complexion, i am light skinned but wit a dull complexion. i use 2 be fair and bright but now my skin is fair and tanned. And let me know ur prices. Also do u av a retailer here on d mainland cos i stay close 2 ikeja axis?

  2. hello eki,
    you need a combination of all the products featured on this post to brighten your complexion. You can visit our store http://www.bronzegoddessmakeupstore.wordpress.com for prices, though i already mailed you. Thanks

  3. how much can I get each

  4. Am sorry, I do not sell these items.

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