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Beauty food: D-I-Y primer

Here comes my homemade, call it D-I-Y primer – skimmed milk.


I have always enjoyed using milk on my skin and the benefits are incredible:

I use milk as my toner as it removes dirt and dead skin not only from the surface but under the skin as well.

Milk helps brighten one’s complexion by the sheer fact that it rids the skin of impurities, producing a clearer, brighter skin.

Milk reduces wrinkles as such a good age fighting agent

Milk moisturizes the skin as well.

I noticed that after using milk on my skin, it leaves my skin supple, free of oil but does not over dry the skin.

When I want to use it as primer, I do not rinse off. In stead, I allow to dry and then apply makeup. I like the fact that it keeps my skin hydrated without excessive shine. If that is what you need, then give it a trial.


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