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Beautiful skin: can makeup alone cause breakouts?

I want beautiful skin, as such, I try to take care of my skin and my body in the best possible way because I have come to appreciate the saying that beauty is skin deep. By adopting a healthy, clean lifestyle, which is a combination of good, healthy balanced diet and lifestyle, I have seen that beautiful skin is not bleaching our skin and looking whiter or fairer – as most African – or – black women think but having a radiant skin.


Question though is, can one have a flawless skin? I think not.

But having a beautiful, radiant skin or complexion is not unattainable either. However, standing in the way of our dream is the number one culprit – breakouts – or – acne.

So, here is the crust of our topic for today: can makeup alone cause breakouts on our skin? And the answer – not really- and this is because a host of things are responsible for all the problems we face with our skin. For a start, let’s talk about the effect of makeup on our skin.

Makeup and breakouts:

When makeup or cosmetics products begin to cause breakouts on your skin, then you are experiencing acne cosmetica. Usually, certain ingredients found in cosmetic products may cause such acne but the chief cause of breakouts or acne are oil-based or oily cosmetics which pounds on excessive oil that clog our skin, prevents our skin from “breathing” and leading to breakouts.

What role do you play?

While oil based cosmetics products may be culprit number one, you come next as an “accessory” in the sense that many ladies do not cleanse their skin enough. Due to the stressful nature of modern society, many ladies do not bathe before bedtime and even when they cleanse, they usually use makeup remover wipes which do not deep cleanse. Another thing aiding breakouts are the makeup tools you use like makeup brushes and sponges which go weeks and months without washing. If you can afford it, use disposables, if not wash regularly.

Solutions to acne cosmetica:

> Only buy oil free makeup products.
> Only buy products labelled “hypoallergenic” meaning it has been tested to prevent allergy; “noncomedogenic” meaning it won’t clog pores and “nonacnegenic” meaning it won’t cause acne.
> Avoid products made with wheat germ oil or algae extract.
> Cleanse and tone your face and neck twice daily even if you cannot bathe before bedtime.
> Wash your makeup tools regularly, like on weekends when you are at home.

Sometimes, you may not be sure what exactly is causing the breakouts, so please keep a journal of cosmetics you use, when you changed them, when you changed supplier and what reactions you noticed afterwards. Reason being that cosmetics alone cannot cause breakouts.


Inactivity: Perhaps, you do not exercise, or live an active lifestyle; unfortunately, your skin suffers because exercise improves blood flow, which in turn, releases more oxygen to the skin and cleanses impurities from the blood through sweat.

Stress and insufficient sleep
When you sleep, your skin repairs itself and rejuvenates; so stress and its attendant factors cause hormonal imbalance which causes your skin to breakout while insufficient sleep makes it impossible for your skin to repair itself, as such, you breakout.

Alcohol and Smoking: These make good culprits in causing breakouts or acne as it prevents the flow of oxygen which is meant to rid the skin of impurities.

Did you know that things like:
Drugs, hormonal imbalance, hair products like hair sprays and hair creams or gels; including weather change, sugar and dairy products can cause acne?
Yes, if your intake of sugar and dairy becomes too high for your blood, your body revolts.

Picky fingers: Yes, many ladies just will not leave their faces alone! Stop picking at your face because your nails are not as clean as you think. You are simply transferring germs with your nails!

Best Solutions to acne or breakouts:

1. Please, remember to follow the solution provided above in our solution to acne cosmetica.
2. Take foods rich in Vitamin C as it contains antioxidants that get rid of free radicals.
3. Lifestyle must change for the positive.
4. Go easy on makeup. You really do not need foundation during the day. You need to allow your skin to breathe.
5. If you are acne prone, please do not allow your hair to touch your face so you might want to adopt side swept hair styles that full on fringes or styles that touch your face.
6. Lastly, buy products based on recommendation from an expert that treat targeted condition and your skin type. Do not use products for the wrong skin type.


I have a regimen that works for me. I love my skin and go without foundation for the most part, so I am happy to share my nature’s cure with you.

Personal rule: when I breakout, I go off cosmetics products and go all out natural. So, here is my nature’s beauty regimen:

1. Exfoliation: Oats: take a handful of raw oats, add a tablespoon of honey to use as facial scrub daily.
2. Cleanse with tomato juice. Cut a slice of tomato and apply directly to your skin after washing it.
3. Tone: As toner, use cucumber juice or green tea extract for the face and neck. Use cotton wool soaked in cucumber juice or green tea to clean your face.

At the weekend, make a mask of pure honey or egg white.

Monthly detox:
It is recommended that you detoxify your system monthly and you do not need any excessive detoxifying shakes or drinks.



A. Brew green tea in a cup. Allow to cool.
B. Squeeze a tablespoon lemon juice into tea.
C. Add a tablespoon garlic juice or teaspoon garlic paste to the mix.
Drink for a week. Garlic is nature’s antibiotics and purifies our system inside out. It opens up our pores as well.

My very healthy spinach juice
Greens are great sources of vitamins B,C,D which promotes exfoliation, firmness, tone and elasticity as well as antioxidants that maintains healthy skin. On monthly basis, I also drink spinach juice.


Smoothies and your skin:
Smoothies are great sources of antioxidants and other necessary nutrients great for the skin.


In conclusion, your lifestyle affects your skin as much as cosmetics. So, take time to nurture and nourish your skin.

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