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Apply makeup like a pro


Learning to apply makeup professionally follow very simple steps so for whatever ocassion it might be, you can always look great. The very simple steps outlined below can help you if you are learning bridal makeup or you want to know how to apply makeup like a pro.


No. 7 Shine Free (makeup base)

Flori Roberts concealer

Flori Robert Foundation and Oil-blotting Powder

Eye-shadows: bronze

Black Opal automatic eye brow pencil: brown

Sleek Blush “Flushed”

Pink lips

Step 1:

Makeup must be applied on clean face so you must have your face washed, cleansed and moisturized before applying makeup.

Step 2:

Apply makeup primer. primers are available for all skin types. For this makeup, N0. 7 Shine Free primer was used as model has oily skin. To know if skin is oily, squeeze your nose and your cheeks; if some oil comes off, then your face is oily. Check your T-zone as well. Your T-zone is made of your forehead, nose and cheeks; if you see that these areas tend to bring out oil and shine, then you’ve got an oily skin and the No. 7 Shine Free primer or L’Oreal Matifier are suitable to your skin type.

Before Makeup
Before Makeup


Step 3:

Apply concealer under eye. Make sure to apply to either corners of the eye. Do brush some powders over the concealer to prevent the concealer from rubbing off. Powder seals concealers.

applying concealer
applying concealer


Step 4:

Apply foundation either with a brush or sponge all over the face.

apply foundation
apply foundation


Step 5:

Apply oil-blotting powder with a brush or foam sponge.

apply powder
apply powder
















Step 6:

Fill in your eye brows with brow pencil or brow powder. For African skin, the best shade of brow pencils or shadows are brown and dark brown shades. You don’t have to buy a brow powder if you have an eyeshadow in dark brown shade. Be sure to follow your natural brow shape and remember that both your eye brows are not shaped the same.

For perfect eye brows, follow link:


Step 7:

Apply an eyeshadow base on your eye lids before using a base shadow which should be an eyeshadow shade that is closest to your skin colour. An eyeshadow base gives your skin a clean look. Follow with an eye shadow shade of your choice. In this example, we applied shimmery bronze before laying over matte bronze. Follow with black liquid eye liner and Volumnizing Mascara. 

Step 8:

Smile and apply Sleek “flushed” blush to the apples of your cheek. Finish off your look with pink lips. You can mix gloss with matte and you will have a perfect blend.

finished work
finished work

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  1. Nice work, Enne. Please keep it up.

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