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An au natural tip for a simple but elegant look

So, you like the natural look and want to look elegant without too much effort? Well, your eyes can make a difference to achieving this look without using too much eye makeup. How well you combine simple pieces like accessories, hair do and statement lips all add up to creating an elegant look that is simple and so you.

Remember to always moisturize your skin after cleansing your face. Use a foundation primer as well. And then use concealer under your eyes before applying foundation and powder. 

For the eyes, start with an eyeshadow base and then pick a simple, natural shade of eyeshadow which you will apply on the eye lid. I chose bronze shimmer eyeshadow. For contouring, I used coffee matte eyeshadow and a gold shade of shimmer eyeshadow for highlighting the brow bone. I used felt-tip eye liner to line my upper line of the eye. By extending the eye liner to the outer side of the eye, you stretch your eyes out a little. A stroke of gold eyeshadow mixed with coffee eyeshadow for the lower eye lid gives a subtle but bright finish.


Bold lips always complement a simple look like red, purple or even deeper colors for the lips. Don’t be afraid to try deep lip colors.

Tell me what you think and how you create the natural look that is so you.


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  1. What a pretty face! Love your style x

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