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Aloe Vera cure for nappy rash and skin conditions

I have blogged about aloe Vera in the past about it being used as moisturizer, for treating acne and skin conditions and how this antioxidant rich plant is good for our health. Today, I want to write about a common condition most parents battle – nappy rash.

Am sure your baby must have had nappy rash before and how you rushed for a topical cream to heal the delicate skin. There is a variety of brands out there that we use as creams for protecting or combating our babies’ skin against nappy rash. The most effective and cost effective I have used is aloe Vera.

I grow aloe Vera in my home and when I want to use it, I use my clean fingers to strip off the gel inside the plant into a bowl. Aloe Vera is very lumpy so I usually pour the gel into a blender, and I blend it into a smooth paste, pour into a bowl with cover and store it in my freezer. The amazing thing about aloe Vera is that once I take it out of the freezer, no matter how frozen, aloe Vera thaws naturally without heat and returns back to its authentic, natural gel form. So you are losing nothing and the potency does not decline at all. I keep aloe Vera gel in my freezer for three months and it stays fresh!

Once the aloe Vera thaws and turns into gel, use a table spoon to take out just one scoop. This single table spoon is enough to be applied all over the baby’s buttocks and private area. Healing begins almost immediately.




Aloe Vera can also be used to treat other skin conditions like rash, acne and eczema.

Sometimes, I apply aloe Vera all over my son’s body when I notice rash all over his body. He gets relief quiet fast.

You should try it!


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