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Alluring day time look

Hi guys, how you doing?

I love a day time look that is simple yet alluring and powerful enough to get a second look. So this was what I was going for when I created this look:


So, here is my how-to guide to creating a simple but alluring day look that is classy and neat for day time functions.

Step 1: cleanse and moisturize the face.

Step 2: Apply foundation base to face.

Step 3: apply concealer (preferably one that is a shade lighter than your skin) under your eyes. This lifts and brightens the eyes.

Step 4: apply transluscent powder over concealed area.

Step 5: apply foundation all over the face, including under the chin.

Step 6: apply powder all over face.

Step 7: groom your brows

Step 8: apply eyeshadow base on eye lids and then apply base shadow (a natural shade of eyeshadow closest to your skin) all over eye lids. This rid shine around the eyes and create a perfect canvas for eye makeup.

Step 9: Apply shimmer orange eyeshadow on eye lid. Blend neatly. And then, apply black matte eyeshadow on the outer corner (wings) of the eye, extending brush a little above crease. And then, use coffee matte eyeshadow to contour the crease of the eye, extending the contouring a line above the crease and on the lower area of the brow bone. Next, apply a light shade of highlighting shimmer powder (bronzer) or any light shade of shimmer eyeshadow to the arch of the brow. Finish off the eye makeup by lining your eyes with felt tip liquid eyeliner and making sure to join both ends of the eye lining at the inner and outer corner of the eye. Extend the lining outwards to further stretch the eyes. Apply mascara.

Step 10: apply blush. I used Mary Kay cinnamon stick. Apply bronzer to the cheek bones as well.

Step 11: apply lip color. I used Revlon Gentlemen prefer pink lipstick.

Viola! It’s not that hard.

So if you love this simple but tempting look for a day time charm, then give it a try.


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