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All time favourite lips

Hi guys,

I decided to round off the list of my most favourite lipsticks of all time. Though some brand names might have been mentioned, I am more about the shades of the lipsticks and lip glosses than brands. So, here I go:

Red lips:

Red is classic and I could do both matte and glossy red lipsticks. In the past, I had totally enjoyed matte red lipsticks as they last longer but these days, I am loving the shine that glossy lipsticks provide. I fell in love with Mary Kay true dimensions lipstick Fire Cracker shade. This lipstick is creamy, soft and shiny.


Orange lips

If you are averse to red lips, then you should love orange lipsticks. This Flori Roberts moisturizing lipstick shade ‘Jazz Orange’ does indeed have some jazz!


Alternatively, you could go for orange lip gloss. I used Zaron Pretty Pomegranate lip gloss, which is ideal for a fun, day look.


Bronzed lips

When I want lips that are not too strong, I always go for Mary Kay Ginger Bread nourishine lipstick. This is my perfect day time lipstick.


Flirty in Pink
If you are in the mood to be flirty and enjoy girlish fab as well, you should love this look. I used Zaron Mystic lipstick


I get the feeling that this list will change some time soon but for now, these are the shades of lipsticks I am loving. So, tell me, which is your favourite lipstick or gloss?


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