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A view from the Canadian Rockies 

Hi guys,

Last weekend, my family and I went to Banff to enjoy the rocks and the breath-taking beauty that the Banff National Park offers. The short drive to Banff started off foggy but as we advanced on the winding road, the skies were clearer presenting an opportunity to enjoy the mountain view. 

When we finally arrived Banff, the rocky town held me in awe – beautiful rocky and forest landscapes with soft, fluffy snow drops creating a beauty ascent on the rocks, trees and grass. Though there were lots of activities to do, we chose to ride in the cable car at the Gondola. Here are views from the top: 

If you love vacationing as much as I do, if ever you find yourself in Canada, visit Banff in the Alberta region – stay for a night or more and go hiking, camping, water cruising, cable car riding or simply relax at the resort – you will never regret visiting.

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