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A Lemony morning boost for your mind, body & skin

How we start our morning, goes a long way to affect our mood for the rest of the day. This is why rising up to a refreshing day gives our mind the much needed boost at the same time giving our body the sprite that is needed to carry us for the rest of the day. In aromatherapy, lemon comes readily to mind as a mind booster. With its invigorating and fresh scent, lemon is known to boost the mind and our mood which is why it is famed for its anti-depression therapy.

Today’s ever busy lifestyle of inadequate sleep or rest coupled with the hustle and bustle of modern living has made us predisposed to constant fatigue that rising up each morning can be an upheaval task. Many of us are not morning persons and I do know that many dread the start of a new week. So, keeping our minds positive and our bodies charged and ready to go can be a daunting task, which sadly affects our skin as well. All the stress that we experience daily reflects on our skin hence our skin break out regularly, we see wrinkles or dark circles much earlier in our lives and in some cases, our skin dries out due to poor nutrition and poor nourishment from skin care products.

Therefore, to kick start each day, we need a combination of light exercise, good nutrition and a healthy boost from lemon! Oh yes lemon! Because lemons improve our moods and even help to improve our memories and concentration, you can begin each day by inhaling lemon essential oil. You can create your own lemon room mist which you spray in the air in the morning and allow yourself to inhale to boost your mind.


Ingredients for making lemon room mist:

2 ounces distilled water

1 ounce alcohol

5-20 drops of lemon essential oil

Bathing with citrus scented soaps are equally uplifting and invigorating for your body and mind. I make natural skincare products for a living and I would always recommend that people add a few drops of lemon or orange essential oils to their liquid soaps when they are making them.

You can also give yourself a quick but therapeutic massage while in the shower by adding a few drops of lemon oil to bath water and having a hand towel soaked in it before squeezing out the water to massage your body from your feet all the way to your heart to help with blood circulation.

If you have time to spare or at the weekend, you can make a lemon scrub comprising of soft brown sugar, dead sea salt, some coconut oil and a few drops of lemon to scrub your entire body with. This invigorating scrub will not only cleanse your body but help with blood circulation and improve your mood.

Besides lemon, there are other essential oils that improves our moods as well and these are orange oil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, basil oil and grapefruit oil. Now you have the tools to keep your body and mind prepared for a manic Monday! – Best solution for a positive Monday and a positive head start for a new week! No more Monday blues for you!

Try any of these and keep us posted on your results.








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