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Fair & White Gold FAQs

DISCLAIMER: Please I do not sell Fair & White products neither do I tell people how to mix it with other products therefore phone calls about such will not be attended to.  I also do not offer private consultation. Thanks.

What is Fair & White Gold?

Fair & White Gold collection is the latest line of products by Fair & White Paris designed to cater to uneven skin tone caused by lack of exfoliation, residue of dead skin cells, skin bleaching (or lightening) and other factors that cause skin discoloration. Fair & White Gold uplifts dull complexion for a radiant, brighter skin or complexion.

  1. How does Fair & White Gold work?

Fair & White Gold follows a 3-step system that includes Prepare, Even Tone and Protect. The products under Prepare are:

Fair & White Gold Satin exfoliating soap to be used three times weekly.

AHA brightening face cream which is a face cream for day time

AHA brightening body lotion which is a body lotion for day time only

And the Sugar Exfoliator which is a face scrub that can be used day or night.

The products for Step 2: Even Tone Stage are:

Revitalizing fade cream which is a face cream for night only to clear the face.

Intense Argan oil Serum to be used day or night on individual spots.

Exceptional Clarifying cream which is a face cream in a cup to be used day or night.

Revitalizing body lotion which is to be used day or night for even skin

Maxitone lotion which is to be used at night only

Specialized cream gel for dark knuckles, elbows, knees and knuckles to be used at night only.

Step 3 products: Protect do the job of protecting the skin from harm.

Rejuvenating Moisture lotion is ideal for dry skin and mature skin. This can be used day and night.

Hand cream with Argan oil can be used day or night.

Sunscreen with SPF 50 is to be used during day.

  1. How does one combine the Fair & White Gold 3-step system?

The Fair & White Gold collection was designed to follow a system without which desired results would not be achieved. We do not encourage short cuts as this collection is not a quick fix.


To begin, you can scrub your face with the F&W Gold sugar exfoliator.

And then use the Gold Satin soap. Please use either Sugar exfoliator and (or) Gold satin soap three times weekly to prevent excessive exfoliation.

For the face, you can use AHA brightening face cream at day and Revitalizing fade cream at night. If this is too cumbersome, then use Gold Exceptional Clarifying cream which can be used both day and night on the face.

It is not a must to use the Gold Argan Serum as serums are concentrated formula for treating dark spots. Apply serum on dark spots or patches day and night.

You are to use the Sunscreen fifteen minutes before stepping into the sun.


Your brighter, radiant skin begins with the Gold Satin Soap.

Followed by Gold AHA brightening body lotion which is a day cream meant for exfoliating your skin so as to make the body free of dead cells for skin brightening to occur. For first time users, do not skip this cream as it prepares your skin for skin lightening.

At night, use Gold Maxitone which clarifies your skin and gives it a much lighter complexion. Maxitone must not be used during day time. Maxitone is particularly dry which is not ideal for sun exposure.

The two combined products of AHA brightening body lotion and Maxitone will give you desired result.

Revitalizing body lotion can be used day or night so you can use this to maintain your complexion after an even tone has been achieved without using two separate body lotions. If you hate combining products, then this is ideal for you.

Gold Rejuvenating body lotion also gives even tone but enriched with Vitamin E and moisturizers for people with dry skin and mature aging skin. This can be used day or night.

FOR DARK KNUCKLES, KNEES, ELBOWS & ANKLES, use Gold Specialized Cream gel.


Fair & White Gold is not a quick fix product and neither does it do magic. Depending on your skin type, the severity of your skin damage and lifestyle, F&W Gold works at different pace, depending on your dedication too.


Fair & White Gold is a brightening range for even tone and does minimal skin lightening. If you go darker after using Fair & White Gold, then it is because your fairness is fake and not natural. If you have used bleaching and skin lightening products in the past and you are now fair, F&W Gold can not maintain that artificial complexion you now have because it does not contain the steroids bleaching and skin lightening products contain. But if you bleached and got sun burn and patches, F&W Gold will give you an even tone and restore your skin to one radiant complexion.


If skin bleaching or intense skin lightening is what you are looking for, then F&W Gold is the wrong product for you. F&W Gold is a Unifier – an even tone range that clears skin discoloration, sun burn, dull complexion and uneven skin. You are guaranteed brighter, radiant, single complexion but don’t expect that much skin lightening.


Absolutely no. Fair & White products are not designed for you to pour either serum or tube cream and tube gels into lotions. If you do so, you do it at your own risk. If your skin damages, do not blame Fair & White because the company does not state on any of its product packaging that you should mix it’s product all together in one container. Each individual product serves different purpose and mixing is not one of them.


Please submit your questions and comments in the comment box below for feedback. We do not accept phone calls. Thanks


16 thoughts on “Fair & White Gold FAQs

  1. I stay in Calabar how can I get dis product?

  2. Hi, I do not sell this product. You might have to check stores there.

  3. Hello, I have a question
    How do I follow the steps for fair and white Gold?
    How long should I for example exfoliate before I move on to step 2?
    1 week or how long?

  4. Hello, how should I follow each step before moving on to the next?

  5. Hi, you would have to combine the steps because the soap and exfoliator and day cream are in step 1 and then you can pick night lotion or any cream for day and night from step 2. There are a variety of lotions and creams in the Gold collection so you have to buy the ones for your skin type.

  6. please i want to start using fair and white gold for the first time…..dont have enough money to combine and follow all the steps…
    can i use Rejuvenating Gold lotion with Gold Satin soap day and night?
    And how do you differentiate the Numbers, 1, 2, 3…is it according to your skin colour or?
    thinking of getting 2…but dont have any specify reason


  7. Please ma, I started using F&W gold 2 days ago and i’v started seeing the good effect on my skin as a fair person. But as my skin is very sensitive, i easily get something like eczema on my face and part of my neck, please is it advisable for me to continue applying just F&W gold2 both on my body and face or what shall i get for my face? thanks

  8. I will advise you use both steps 1 & 2. Do make sure you buy original products and not fake.

  9. Hello how do I differentiate the original product From the fake one?

  10. That’s a very difficult one. Usually, fair and white products come with NAFDAC number printed on them, they are sealed with tamper proof seals marked Original and you should only purchase from reputable stores like the big name outlets as the company supplies directly to them. Hope this helps.

  11. Please Ennedear, can you give me your contact so I can talk to you on whatsapp because I need the product.

  12. Hello Jennifer, you can reach me on 08098303030. Thanks

  13. Hello ma….u dnt knw wat uv done for me. This is really helpful
    Thank u so much.
    But pls do i use the satin soap daily on my body?

  14. Yes pls. Thanks for the comment.

  15. When can I use my fair and white so white maxi tone and also the brightening oil…can I mix them together or use separately

  16. Hi, I doubt if you are supposed to pour the oil into the cream – I Sincerely do not recommend mixing of products because they each serve different purposes.

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