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2014 Resolution: Going back to my roots

Hi guys, happy 2014! Hope this year met you well. I am swell – exhausted – burnt-out – but swell. I am also thankful because I entered 2014 with a more defined, well shaped vision for my business. I have never been this organized and I am loving it. I like the fact that we embrace just another day as though it were something out of the ordinary. I mean, a new year, is just another day, right? But the calendar gives it more meaning, more credence and I like the fact that the calendar gives me an opportunity for a fresh start.

So, this year, my resolution is simple, loud and proud: I am going back to my roots – I am embracing my natural hair! I know you might think that this is just another movement for natural hair, naw – I am simply doing what is good for my hair. So I am ditching hair extensions and weaves because I want to grow my natural hair. All my life, for as long as I can remember, I have always worn my own hair – natural or permed. In my definition of natural hair, it means my own hair without extensions, and not meaning no perm at all. I am not averse to weaves but within the past year, I have lost so much hair to weaves and extensions that I am going back to basics.

And going back to the basics for me means corn rows, braids and more braids. I remember that growing up as tomboy, I had always worn my hair short because it was hassle free. I have worn my hair all natural without perm, I have worn locks, I have carried skin cut, I have worn braids and so have I worn weaves. In all, maintaining a healthy hair is more important than just looking fabulous or glamorous in them. So I started this year with a very simple braid.


I love this hair so much because this is truly who I am. Over the past two years, I became hooked on weaves because I fell in love with human hair, which by the way, was not a cheap obsession but I collected quiet a number. I love the versatility it brought but my own hair was weak from the roots to the ends. Split ends took over and before I knew what, my hair had lost its lustre. So I took time to seek expert help and I found it with Black Beauty & Hair magazine. I fell in love with this magazine so much, I decided to subscribe to it at the App Store. Here are a few things I have learnt so far:

– Hair needs to breathe. It is necessary that we take off the weaves and wigs from time to time to nurture our own hair. By conditioning, steaming and giving the hair professional care, we can expect our hair to stay healthy and strong.

– Steaming is very important for the hair. So I now use organic coconut milk mixed with honey to soak my hair with and then wrap it in a cap for fifteen to twenty minutes in my own home when I can’t get to the salon for professional touch.

– I have learnt that allowing texturizers and relaxers to stay too long on our hair actually break our hair as Black women. I have seen countless women at the salon leave relaxers on their hair for longer than thirty minutes simply because they want soft, sleek hair. This is bad, bad, bad! I also learnt that frequent relaxing of the hair breaks the hair. Experts suggest you wait at least three months in between relaxing.

– Split-ends trimming: It is also important that we get our ends trimmed to get rid of split ends as when due. Hanging on to split ends at the sight of the scissor is bad, bad, bad. Trimming of split ends allows re-growth. Nice.

– Another interesting thing I learnt is that tight braids actually break our hair. I know this so well; so many times I have gone to the salon, braided my hair and was not able to sleep for a week. I had headaches simply because the stylist’s grip on my hair was too tight. It felt like she practically forced my hair out of its follicles! This is a bad sign that leads to hair breakage.

These were the key things I have learnt so far. So I will be keeping company with Black Beauty and Hair magazine for the entire year and the rest of my life! And you know what friends, I will be blogging about hair style inspirations from this magazine from time to time. I am so giddy about reinventing myself this year, so I wish myself good luck!

Cheers guys!

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