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Go for gold: Easy steps to a radiant skin

DISCLAIMER: Please I do not sell Fair & White products neither do I tell people how to mix it with other products therefore phone calls about such will not be attended to.  I also do not offer private consultation. Thanks.

Hi guys,

Compliments of the season! How are you all doing? Feeling and looking beautiful, I bet! This is my first post this month as I have been exhausted and bugged down by work overload. So, for this month, meet this month’s E-zine cover –


This month’s theme is “A luxury Christmas” and what better way to kick off than writing about this beautiful, luxurious skin care for glowing, radiant skin – Fair & White Gold



A perfect, flawless skin should radiate an even tone glow, which is what this new range of Fair & White Gold products offer. This is not just a product review, but a recommendation as I have tried each of the products and I can vouch for their effectiveness.

Uneven skin tone, dark spots, and dull complexion are part of the imperfections that we struggle with day by day. But look no further, Fair & White Gold now has all the solution to these skin care problems. Fair & White Gold provides an even skin tone, by clearing dark spots, blemishes and complexion imperfections and ridding dull complexion to reveal a brighter, healthier, radiant and glowing skin. This is no lie! I must quickly add that this range of products do not contain skin bleaching agents but offers luxurious skin care for that perfect complexion.

To achieve radiant skin, Fair & White Gold follows a 3 -step skin care process that begins with cleansing and exfoliating; Step 2 which involves fading and brightening and Step 3 which protects and hydrates the skin.

Step 1: Cleanse & exfoliate:

This range of products cleanse and prepares the skin with gentle exfoliation which softens and brightens the complexion. The products under this step is marked 1 and are:

SATIN EXFOLIATING SOAP: which regenerates and softens the skin.


SUGAR EXFOLIATOR: A gentle scrub enriched with sugar and oil that sloughs away dead cells and impurities. This is great for most skin types. BUT IF YOU HAVE OILY SKIN, YOU MIGHT HAVE TO IGNORE THIS PRODUCT as it is very oily and remains oily all day long, meaning that you would have to wrestle with high shine. HOWEVER, THIS MELTING SUGAR SCRUB IS VERY GOOD FOR THE SKIN SO if you have oily skin, use it nightly when the weather is cool and you are under no stress and do not need to wrestle the shine. Good thing is your skin stays moisturized even to the following day!


AHA (ALPHA HYDROXY ACID) BRIGHTENING CREAM: This face cream contains AHA which is great for clearing the skin for an even skin tone as well as anti aging. This product exfoliates and clarifies the skin for a softer, radiant and brighter complexion.


AHA BRIGHTENING LOTION: This is a day cream for the body. Does same as above.


Step 2: Fade and brighten:

These products are meant for an even skin tone, purify and brighten the skin. They are marked 2.




INTENSE ARGAN OIL ACTIVE SERUM: This product clears dark spots as well as purify the skin and give it clarity. This product is meant to be dropped on individual dark spots and blemishes for effectiveness. Do not pour this serum into any other products but to be applied topically.


REVITALIZING BODY LOTION brightens and lightens.

SPECIALIZED CREAM GEL: This also brightens and lightens but takes care of stubborn areas like knees, elbows, knuckles, and feet. So if your skin is darker in these places, then this product is for you.


MAXI TONE LOTION lightens and rejuvenates.


Step 3: Hydrate and prevent

These products are moisturizers which rejuvenates, hydrate and protects the skin.





SUNSCREEN CREAM WITH SPF 50: You got to try this product to protect yourself from harmful sun rays. Apply 30 minutes before exposure to sun and re-apply every 2 hours.



I have used these products and I must say that I recommend them to any one who loves a radiant glowing skin. These products have a luxurious, creamy and moisturizing and especially soft texture with beautiful fragrance. I saw results within one week of using these products and they are safe, harmless and mild.


37 thoughts on “Go for gold: Easy steps to a radiant skin

  1. Hi,

    Compliments of the season to you and thank you for all the information on good grooming. Your blog has really encouraged me on how important it is to always look beautiful. I hope to visit your beauty shop soon because there are some products which you discussed and I’m interested in trying. Merry Christmas to you.


  2. Thanks! Glad to help

  3. Hi, I have gone through your write ups about fair & white gold & u really inspire me to put the product to TEST bt don’t know the range to use. Iam fair in complexion with dry skin and need to work on my hands & feet. 10q

  4. Hello..please I’m interested in trying the fair and white gold products, but I need guidelines on what exactly to use. I am dark skinned now but used to be a little lighter. My complexion is so dull now and specific areas like neck and knees are darker. I want to achieve a brighter and shiny complexion. I’d appreciate and await your response. Thank you.

  5. hello, nice write-up. My natural complexion is a bit fair but I have become really dark and I need my complexion back. I am scared of bleaching products so I have abstained from all “creams” for over 2 yrs now. could you please assist to identify a suitable F&W Gold product for my skin. I dnon’t want dark knuckles and feet please. I have oily and sensitive skin, with lots of dark spots on my face, chest and arms. awaiting your response. Thanks.

  6. Hi, it is highly recommended that you use fair and white gold day lotion with night lotion for best results.

  7. pls i lv in sokoto,so i bought the maxi tone fair and white gold,they dont have the sunscreen lotion,so i bought dove cocoa butter lotion with spf24,my concern is can i use the maxi tone on my face?

  8. Maxitone is a body lotion for night only

  9. pls how much are they? And am a light person and also hv a dry skin so which ones am i goin to use and how will can i get them?

  10. Prices are here:

  11. Hi, u are doing a very nice job. I very fair in complexion, but my skin looks darker and very dull. I was using fair & white- so white some years ago when it first came out and it left dark circles under my eyes. Then I stopped using anything. Please can you tell what to use in the fair and white gold 3 step skincare process that would make my skin look lighter and brighter. Thanks.

  12. There’s nothing wrong with So White; whoever sold the product to you should have given you sunscreen. So White does not cause dark circles – other environmental & lifestyle factors can cause it. I will still advice you use So White but with Fair & White Gold sunscreen.

  13. am not very fair am only light skinned a little so I don’t want the one that will make me too white. since you have tried all the range. I just want the pimples spot on my face to clear. I have oily skin. I want to even out my skin tone and also glow thanks

  14. am chocolate in completion. am having problem in my choice of cream. don’t know d kind of cream to use again. anyone i go for either people say am getting fairer or getting darker, these makes me to bought a certain soap n cleanser. it Squeeze my face n started peeling d uppermost of my skin. pls i need a cream that i will concentrate on and also maintain my completion. so i don’t know any of the 3steps to go for.pls helppppppppp.tnx

  15. Hi, your skin issues are too complex for me to type here without confusing you. You should call our lines. Thanks

  16. hi…I’m new to this product. I’m honey brown in complexion bt my thighs , chest and inner arms are fair. I would like to be even toned all over my body.which gold range do I use? no 3 body lotion or clarifying cream no2????

  17. Hi, you have to go through all of the steps. Thanks

  18. please i was using a certain lotion with the tube and during that period i lost much weight too ,i dont know if its the lotion or the weight lost that has given me stretch marks all over ma body even on ma tummy,im confuse i dont know which body lotion to use anymore cos i dont want to cause more harm to ma skin,i look dark now ,please i need a lotion or cream that will reduce ma marks and not make me dark thanks…humbly awaiting your reply

  19. Hi, I don’t see how losing weight can cause stretch marks so it might be the cream you were using. We have the stretch marks cream by Bronze Goddess NG which can tackle the stretch marks. As for your complexion, we have brightening lotions that can help. You can check our online store. Cheers

  20. Good day
    I would love this product, please advise. My skin is very dry but face is oily. I need to even out tone but not lighten. Iv got stubborn black spots on my face, dark eye circles around my eyes and dark knuckles and elbows.
    I hate combining creams so I need the most simple regimen.
    I also use shea butter at night, have stretch marks on my tummy so I need you to also advise on the natural body butter to purchase from your store.
    Please also advice on cost of recommended products and shipping to Kaduna.
    Thank you.

  21. Hi, we do only sell organic products as displayed so I won’t be of much help regarding chemical based beauty products. Cheers

  22. Hi,
    I used to have the same problem like yours peace if advice use wash your face with warm water then scrub with a lime stay for like 2 minutes and wash with warm water avoid touching your to avoid bacteria NEVER burst the acne/pimples live them to dry by themselves

    U can also use ice cube on acne places it very good ummmh for ligh
    tens maxi tone bronze soap is very very very very very nice

  23. Hi Koku, thanks for the advice

  24. Hi u jumped straight 2 th f&W Gold 3 without using 1 nd 2 bcoz I hd used a lightening cream tht made my skin I thot I’d control t wth ths product BT t has made my skin darker than t do I lighten t?

  25. Your best solution would be to follow the entire process and use the ones specifically for your skin type. Cheers

  26. I have not tried it but is it for chocolate skinned person

  27. this product does not bleach your skin right?

  28. No, it doesn’t.

  29. Pm…M chocolate in colour n my avin prblm wit my neck,knuckles n foot marchin 2geda…I want 2 Try d FnW Gold2 maxi tone product,I dnt kw if it wil give me d result I want+i also want 2 luk alittle bit fair..tnkz

  30. Hi, for best result, use the Fair & White Gold steps 1 & 2. Cheers

  31. I have been using the pink fair and white and its been good all d way bt my problem is dat it is getting my palms brown and my feets like my toes and d rest re dark…..i dnt want to use d fair and white gold coz i feel d pink one works more dan dat one coz my sister uses it …bt am fair bt nt dat much and i want sth dat ll instead lighten me more instead of makin me pls tell me wat to use for my feet dats just my probblem

  32. Hi, you can use Fair & White Gold specialized cream gel for feet, elbows, knees and ankle; or Fair and White Miss White cream for feet, elbows, knees and ankles. Cheers

  33. Av been using fair & white gold maxitone, cudnt find the sunscreen, so i use vaseline blue seal it okay?

  34. Hi, I do know that the two products do not contain similar ingredients or serve the same functions. So perhaps, you should look for something close to the former.

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